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Your Off Tackle Empire Northwestern Shirts

Sherman makes purple look strong

Immutable truth: Pat Fitzgerald's commitment to the Northwestern program is strong. And even if it isn't ("GAH Fitzgerald leaves Evanston for the Notre Dame job"), THE IMAGE that Fitzgerald gives is one of complete loyalty and respect for the program.

I mention this why?

Because if you're rocking this OTE Northwestern shirt anywhere in the Midwest, you won't be confused for a fan of any other school. No TCU questions. Your commitment to the surging Northwestern program is complete. You have stoic Sherman on your purple chest.


And you look good in purple.

But just so folks won't think you are some kind of football meathead who ignored the world-class Northwestern education, make sure you brush up on the philosophical implications of Sherman's March To The Sea and be ready to compare and contrast this campaign with the bombings of Dresden and Hiroshima.

Here is the direct link:

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Wilie T, rocking the Old Gold of Purdue.

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Sherman in Iowa Black and Gold.

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Jump Around with Sherman.