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Your Off Tackle Empire Michigan State Shirts

General Sherman goes green, goes white.

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. I'm thrilled for these:


That's right, the Off Tackle Empire Spartan shirts are available. I feel like our designers, GameDay Depot, outdid themselves here. Imagine rolling up to Spartan Stadium wearing one of these outstanding shirts with General Sherman's pale, solemn face outlined by strong Spartan green. The shirts are solid for a warm Fall day in East Lansing and also great under a fleece/poncho during the "god knows what kind of weather will hit today" October/November weather.

You could also buy one to retroactively celebrate a win in the 2011 Outback Bowl.

So Go Green, Go White, go buy one of these beautiful Spartan-themed shirts. They are amazing as Father's Day gifts also.

Here is the direct link:

Check out the other OTE designs available:

Wilie T, rocking the Old Gold of Purdue.

General Sherman in Minnesota colors.

Sherman in Iowa Black and Gold.