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Get Your Tinfoil -- IT'S A CONSPIRACY!

Or, a major tip of the cap to our community's own LincolnParkWildcat.


I've had the pleasure of meeting LincolnParkWildcat in person, and, as our butlers crafted us finest cocktails and served our caviar how we like it (chilled, for you Iowa fans who are putting together resumes), we talked all things Northwestern football, yachting, and which suit we prefer to wear whilst taking our Ferraris out for a spin.

I did not know his talent for photoshopping tinfoil hats onto ALL THINGS.

Seriously, in honor of Michigan State Week here at Off Tackle Empire, go check out the work LPW has done with the photo edit tools HERE.

My favorite would be the tinfoil he put on our own Ted Glover for the Gordon Gee article:


but there are plenty there.

Seriously, the link is still HERE. Go check it out now.

Additionally, major props to our entire community here at OTE. Y'all are fantastic to banter with on articles ranging from CONSPIRACIES to Indiana football (seriously, who knew?) to MLB to whatever the hell all these B1G teams are going to do this year, and we really appreciate everything you bring. If you haven't already, check out some of the FanPosts we've had in the last week:

Moments in College Football Fandom, by Norsk_Gopher

2013 OTE MLB Thread (ongoing), by SpartanHT (Tigers still suck, bro)

Hoegher's Preview Series (including awesome trolling), by the one and only hoegher

By the way, if you haven't clicked on that link yet, what the hell are you waiting for?!