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Your Off Tackle Empire Penn State Shirts

Sherman is...Penn State.

IceIceThatGuy13 sits alone in the living room of his Happy Valley residence.

Ice and the boys had a solid late summer day, walking over to a friend's get-together. Ice found the fridge stocked with Yuengling. Ice is feeling good.

Ice looks in the mirror. He sees his brand new Off Tackle Empire t-shirt.

He looks closer. His foggy brain asks, what color is Sherman's jacket? What color is Sherman???

Suddenly he snaps out of the fog, if only for a minute, as he makes the stunning realization that Sherman's legendary, rumpled Civil War jacket...


Perfect. Ice is completely safe in the knowledge that every time he wears this shirt -

Sherman is...Penn State.


I think the blue shirt with the ghostly Sherman is one of the top designs so far. Pick one up for the upcoming season and much thanks to GameDay Depot for their help.

Here is the direct link:

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Wilie T, rocking the Old Gold of Purdue.

General Sherman in Minnesota colors.

Sherman in Iowa Black and Gold.

Sherman goes green, goes white for Sparty.

Jump Around with Sherman.