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Your Off Tackle Empire Michigan Shirts

You can't get these shirts at Wal-Mart

Well we won the "proper shades" color battle (what is maize WHAT IS MAIZE AHHH) and I hope you all enjoy these Michigan OTE shirts. The yellow/daisy/maize shirt is my favorite of the bunch, but I honestly think GameDay Depot did a solid job across the board.


We've got some new Michigan readers on OTE (welcome!), so pick one of these shirts up and knock everyone's socks off at the Big House with Sherman's image glaring out from your Maize and Blue chest.


Also, hilariously, here are the official Michigan colors, with some added discussion of secondary colors and other HGTV Channel-esque commentary.

Here is the direct link:

Check out the other OTE designs available:

Sherman is...Penn State

#PurpleStrong, Northwestern OTE shirts

Wilie T, rocking the Old Gold of Purdue.

General Sherman in Minnesota colors.

Sherman in Iowa Black and Gold.

Sherman goes green, goes white for Sparty.

Jump Around with Sherman.