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Your Off Tackle Empire Indiana, Illinois Shirts

Nice Things!

Well my goodness. The upcoming college football season and an uptick of interest in Hoosier football created a need for additional apparel. Since we aim to please here at OTE, here you go.

The orange Illinois shirt is a spectacular color and the blue accent is spot on. The orange expresses a happy, bright mood. Which will liven your day up during these dark days for Illinois football.


But hark, we also now feature Indiana OTE shirts. That's right, the Hoosiers, who by all accounts haven't been allowed nice things in the football realm, have rounded out our apparel selection with two shirts.


That's what happens when the OTE staff predicts your football team MAY finish bowl eligible. Hoosier Fever!


Get your Off Tackle Empire Illinois shirts here:

Get your Off Tackle Empire Indiana shirts here:

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