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Across The Empire: Your Thursday Night Opener Thread

Football. Football? FOOTBALL!! Come on in and talk about all the game action with other college football fans, because FOOTBALL IS BACK!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's time. Winter is over, spring ball is over, fall camp is over.

It's time to play football. FINALLY!

We've got nine games kicking things off tonight that you can have a reasonable chance to see on TV, but another 18 you can try and find on this thing we call the 'Internet', another slew of games tomorrow, and then the big enchilada on Saturday.

Tonight, we have two B1G teams playing: The Minnesota Fighting Killers take on UNLV from TCF Bank Stadium, and Indiana hosts Indiana State, Larry Bird Strong. Your Big Ten game info. All times are in central, because that's where I live. And it's all about me:

Kickoff Visitor Home TV
6:00 Indiana State Indiana BTN
6:00 UNLV Minnesota BTN

And feel free to talk about any game that's being played, as there's a lot of action going on elsewhere. Utah and Utah State kick off at 7 on the new Fox Sports 1, Ole Miss and Vandy start off with an SEC conference game at 8:15 on ESPN, and USC begins the Lane Kiffin Farewell Tour at Hawaii around 10:00 on the CBS Sports network And those are just a few of the games being played. For a full schedule, follow this link right here to get all the information and on-line locations for games.

For those of you joining our open game threads for the first time, we only have a few simple rules: No links to porn or illegal Internet streams of any games, and avoid being a toolbox to other posters. But feel free to ridicule their teams at will. There's a keg in the kitchen and burgers on the grill. Graham and the other lawyers are in the den, doing something. Apparently, the NCAA met with Graham on Sunday and disbarred him for the first half of Thursday's games for signing affadavits he received no hourly fees for. Or something like that.

Enjoy the games, everyone!