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Across The Empire: Your Thursday Night Overflow Thread

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Football. Football? FOOTBALL!! Come on in and talk about all the game action (again) with other college football fans, because FOOTBALL IS BACK!

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

This is your Thursday night OVERFLOW thread. When threads get above 500 comments things tend to slow down a little bit and we like to keep things fast and furious around here...sort of like Tre Roberson. Indiana v. Indiana State got off to a slow start for the Hoosiers, as it was a tie towards the end of the first quarter. Then Tre Roberson did this:


The Hoosiers are now comfortably winning 42-7.

Minnesota is having a tougher time against UNLV. A UNLV team that has won like 3 games in the past 2...or 3 seasons. I just found out that Phillip Nelson has some underrated speed. I also found out that he has a ways to go as a pocket passer. The Gophers are leading 16-13 at half (they missed the XP...sigh) but clearly need to improve their defense and stop giving up ridiculous 4th down plays if they're going to beat a horriawful Vegas team.

Enjoy the remainder of the night!