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Your Week 1 (Thursday) Postgame Thread

Gophers win! Hoosiers win! ... Oh, it was against UNLV and Indiana State? Um... Oh, screw you. Gophers win! Hoosiers win!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Anways, let's talk about it here.

Minnesota 51, UNLV 23

Early Cause for Alarm:

Um, Minnesota, don't fall behind 13-10 to many more teams late in the 2nd quarter if you want to win.

Turning Point:

The 2nd half kick return touchdown is an obvious one, as is Philip Nelson's two-minute drill drive to put the Gophers ahead 16-13 at half. I'll give it to Nelson, as the Gophers started the second half with the ball and put the pedal to the metal.

It Was Over When:

Ra'shede Hageman blocked Nolan Kohorst's FG and Martez "ZZZZZ" Shabazz returned it 51 yards for a touchdown. Ain't no coming back from that, Rebs.

Be Concerned With:

Minnesota's first team offense. They didn't need to throw too much, but Philip Nelson was only 10/22 for 99 yards, a TD, and an INT. He'll need to be more efficient and evolve as a pocket passer before B1G play.

Indiana 73, Indiana State 35

Early Cause for Alarm:

The Hoosiers and Sycamores traded early touchdowns and turnovers on downs (lol ISU's punter putting his knee down lol bad football), and Indiana took some time to warm up to being a legitimately better team playing an FCS opponent who they should blow out.

Turning Point:

After the Sycamores' first touchdown? Their next 3 drives: punt, fumble, interception. Once Indiana converted after the punt and fumble recovery, going up 21-7, it looked like they had all the momentum.

It Was Over When:

Indiana marched down the field and made it 35-7 at the start of the second quarter. Not even Indiana can give up that lead.

Be Concerned With:

The fact that Indiana tried their best to give up that lead. Indiana State dominated the next 10-15 minutes of play after falling behind 42-7, rallying to make it 45-28 before the Hoosiers put it away. Three Hoosier turnovers hardly helped their case, though they allowed only slightly over 300 yards, 5.5 yards per catch, and only 3.4 yards per rush. An improved defense, but Indiana can put together a more complete performance.

The Takeaway

These are two potentially middling B1G teams doing to lesser competition exactly what B1G teams should do. Good job, Minnesota and Indiana. Hit the showers and come back prepped for the next games. Minnesota, no more losing to New Mexico State. Indiana, please please please find a way to slow down Navy's rush attack this year.

Feel free to use this as your postgame/late night thread. Same rules as always apply. Glad to have you all back here for the game threads again this year. Off Tackle Empire has changed quite a bit since we last saw Big Ten teams on the gridiron, and we appreciate you all making it the quintessential Big Ten smoking room!