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Across The Empire: Your Friday Night Open Thread

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Opening weekend continues tonight, and there's one Big Ten game on the slate. Come join us right here and follow the games.

Yes, Mark Dantonio DOES smile.  See?
Yes, Mark Dantonio DOES smile. See?
Al Messerschmidt

Thursday night was about as good of an opening you could expect for the Big Ten last night--two of the historically weak programs won convincingly, but they took different directions to do it. For Indiana, they put on an offensive fireworks show, steamrolling Indiana State 644-35, or something like that. For Minnesota, they used two special teams scores (kickoff return and blocked field goal return) and an 89 yard pick six to overwhelm UNLV 51-23.

But tonight...tonight we get to see something special. Can you feel it? CAN YOU?


That's right, the much maligned former offensive coordinator for Ohio State, Jim Bollman, returns to the Big Ten as the co-offensive coordinator for Michigan State, and there are two schools of thought on this:

One is the group of fans that feel it can't get any worse than the historic ineptitude of Dan Roushar. They look to the offenses Ohio State had while Jim Bollman was the OC during the Tressel years as a sign of improvement and efficiency, and feel cautiously optimistic heading into 2013.

The other group feels that Bollman was all that was wrong with the OSU offense, and Tressel was the actual mastermind. They point to 2011 as their evidence, when OSU was historically bad running and throwing the ball. He'll take a bad MSU offense and make it unwatchable, and MSU will have to shutout damn near everyone if they're going to win any games.

There are only a handful of games tonight, and the one we're most interested in starts at 7 PM CST on the Big Ten Network.

Standard open thread rules apply: No links to porn or illegal Internet streams, and don't be a jackwagon to other posters. Enjoy your Friday night games, everybody.