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Saturday Night Open Thread

Let's close out a bit stronger, B1G....

Eric Francis

Hey folks, it's getting later in the day.  We've seen Purdue and Iowa fall (neither huge upsets, but still I think we were all hoping for a win in either or both of those games).  Everyone else has, more or less, rolled.

I'm not normally a fan of the SEC-style "root for everyone in our conference even if they're our sworn enemies, because OHMYGOD WE'RE THE ESSSS-EEEE-SSEEEE AND WE'LL HAVE A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IF THEY WIN EVEN THOUGH WE WON 3 GAMES ALL SEASON."

But let's root for our B1G conference-mates (except our sworn rivals....Ohio State, start rooting for that meteor next week to hit Notre Dame and Michigan) the rest of this non-conference slate. Admit it, it's more fun seeing our conference beat up on everyone else....

Oh, and in that spirit, here's the night open Nebraska and Northwestern as they try to get the conference to 10-2.