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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 3


It's fun to be places and drink stuff, so let us know your location/libation in the comments.

Here's where many OTE writers will be, in case you have to serve them some papers.

Candystripes for Breakfast
Since the IU game is a noon kickoff (always hated those), I'll probably still be asleep or just waking up. Thus, I'll most likely be on the "winners drink milk" plan, because milk is never a bad choice. For everyone else, it'll be Vanilla Coke if IU wins, and regular if we fail at our #MACtion.

C.E. Bell
The fortuitous 8 pm CT kickoff means that I will actually get to watch most of the morning games (paying special attention to UCLA at Nebraska) from home while preparing tailgate food for the night's festivities in Evanston. The tailgate theme this week is Southwestern food in honor of Western Michigan, so we'll be eating carne asada with chimichurri sauce, some delicious mango and black bean salsa that my wife makes, and other Tex-Mex-ish fare. As for drinks, I think I overdid it last week on bourbon, so I'm either going to lean towards Dos Equiis/Tecate/Corona with lime at the tailgate, or else drink some of this excellent and cheap Campos Reales Tempranillo that I've been buying a lot at Binny's lately.

Scene: A few miles away from the heart of all evil, a devilishly good looking Minnesotan (is there any other kind?) discusses his Saturday plans in Madison with an old friend.

Why hello there favorite seat on the couch? How have you been? I hope you forgive me for being on the road during the last two Gopher games. Don't worry, it's not your fault. You're still as comfy as ever. And to prove it to you this Saturday is going to be all about the two of us. I'll even bring some delicious Jim's Meat Market brats to nom on (Note: Seriously, if you're on the north side of Madison near Warner Park, be sure to stop in at Jim's. They've got 32 specialty brats. They're awesome and friendly and I love them so much that I used several sentences of this thing to give them a plug that I won't get paid for). What's that old friend? What will I be drinking? Well, with a general prohibition on WI beers during MN football and no access to Grainbelt of any kind, I'm going to class it up with upon another Minnesota favorite, Lift Bridge Hop Dish. And bourbon of course, probably Four Roses Single Barrel.

Hilary Lee
I'm going to be shuttling between Chicago and Wisconsin for most of Saturday. I'll miss parts of the early games since I have to make a trip to a sawmill to buy some wood for furniture, but I plan to be fully immersed in football by the time Wisconsin takes on ASU. I just discovered the Big Bay Brewing company out of Wisky, and I think I'll be drinking some of their fine brews.

Aaron Yorke
I will be somewhere in the middle of New Jersey drinking nothing because it is Yom Kippur. We didn't walk through the desert for 40 years to get stuck in temple during Alabama vs. Texas A&M. Oh Well, that's why G-d and Moses invented the DVR. The good news is that Penn State doesn't kick off until 6:00 so I will be able to watch the second half while getting high on orange juice and bagels. So savory.

Now that I look at the schedule, there are actually a lot of good B1G games to watch while I'm in sinless bagel heaven. Is there a coverage map somewhere showing what part of the country gets Washington vs. Illinois and which part gets the PSU game? I'll be firing up the BTN2GO regardless.

Brian Gillis
I'll be 2,500 miles away from the nearest college football game this weekend, enjoying a week in the Hawaiian Islands and taking a break from watching football - for the most part. I will be waking up early Saturday morning to catch some action, but unless I can find a sports bar on the Garden Island open at 6:00 am, BTN2Go will be my ticket to the Michigan-Akron showdown.

Graham Filler
Serving as BEST MAN in a wedding on Friday night, waking up in Traverse City, driving 5 hours to Monroe, going to a wedding reception around 6pm. Sooooo. Silver Lining: five hours of uninterrupted college football radio time?

I'll be driving during the day to West Lafayette, and then watching a terrible, terrible game (maybe even worse than two years ago, when I wrote this). I'm driving back right after the game, so maybe I'll spice up the trip with a gas station coke. If I were to drink anything alcoholic it should be Ten High, because that describes the max number of points the Boilers will end up with. Anyway, please pray for my well being as I will most likely be surrounded by sad/mad/drunk Purdue fans and happy Notre Dame fans.

Jesse Collins
I'll be down in Lincoln actually watching the UCLA-Nebraska game in person. It's been like five years since I've been to Memorial (inside) for a game, and so it's about time. This will actually also be my wife's first time to see a game inside Memorial, so it should be a lot of fun. We'll be meeting with some friends for some pregame tailgating and then get inside for the early kick. I'm guessing that means I'll be drinking Dr. Pepper or something like that. We'll see.

Ted Glover
Greater St. Louis area, drinking Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss or Old St. Louis Water Tower Wheat Beer.

I'll be in Evanston yet again, going to town on whatever cheap beer I decide to buy on the drive down. If I feel particularly fancy Saturday afternoon, it's Oktoberfest time, so perhaps I'll bring some Leinie's down with me. We haven't bothered to put together special "visitors' shots" yet for Western Michigan, but assuming we see some of their fans, we'll have something ready in their colors. Nothing like a cool night by Lake Michigan in Evanston.

Green Akers
As for me, I'll be at Spartan Stadium, giving MSU one last chance to convince me not to reach for the bleach every time they have the football, despite the absurd 2 pm EST kickoff that ensures I'll be missing both the noon and 3:30 blocks of games. Oh well, TAMU/Bama probably won't be that interesting anyway right. It's supposed to be a bit nipply Friday night/Saturday morning, so I'm officially declaring porter season open and rolling with Founder's Porter. Cannot WAIT for Breakfast Stout to come back into my life.

Jonathan Franz
I'll be at the 'other' recently renovated Memorial Stadium in beautiful Berkeley along with a contingent of 35 family members and friends to watch Ohio State take on California in person. As a fun aside, we'll be sitting literally right above the Hayward Fault. See below...

Memorial Stadium was built in 1923 atop the Hayward Fault, which the U.S. Geological Survey said has a 70 percent chance of hatching a 6.7-magnitude or greater quake by 2030. The earth could move up to 6 feet horizontally and 2 feet vertically, presenting a challenge to engineers charged with saving the stadium and the football fans who might be inside. While plenty of buildings around the world sit atop earthquake faults, Memorial Stadium is unique because of the sheer quantity of people it holds: 75,662. It's also unique because seismologists know exactly where the fault lies - under Section LL, through both end zones and out Section XX.

Is it a coincidence that the Cal ticket office puts visiting fans in the most dangerous seats in the house? I think not.

Pre-gaming will take place at Julian's in San Francisco's Financial District and Henry's Pub in the basement of the landmark Hotel Durant. Post-game, we'll abscond to a friend's vacation house in Napa for two days of wine tasting and epicurean adventures. It's a rough life...