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Across The Empire: Your Early Games Open Thread

We have a B1G-Pac-12 showdown today, as five teams take on Big 12 opponents, and Purdue will be sacrificed to Touchdown Jesus later on. Come join us for all the action here!

Taylor Martinez leads Nebraska in today's marquee B1G game against UCLA
Taylor Martinez leads Nebraska in today's marquee B1G game against UCLA
Eric Francis

It's kind of a B1G vs. Pac-12 theme this week, and every team is in action this week. The B1G has the best non-conference schedule so far in 2013, and that's good. But the over all conference schedule, other than Michigan's big win against Notre Dame last week, has been, how shall we say, kind of weak. That changes a bit today, as most teams are taking on BCS AQ teams. Our game schedule:

Time (CST) Visitor Home TV
11:00 Bowling Green Indiana ESPNU
11:00 Western Illinois Minnesota BTN
11:00 #16 UCLA #23 Nebraska ESPN 2/ABC
11:00 Akron #11 Michigan BTN
1:00 Youngstown State Michigan State BTN
5:00 Iowa Iowa State Fox Sports 1
5:00 UCF Penn State BTN
5:00 #19 Washington Illinois (Soldier Field) BTN
6:00 #4 Ohio State California Fox
7:00 #21 Notre Dame Purdue ABC
8:00 Western Michigan #17 Northwestern BTN
9:30 #20 Wisconsin Arizona State ESPN

I don't know that we can call this 'separation Saturday' or anything like that, but I do feel we'll have a lot of questions answered regarding the strength of the B1G this year. The rules for the open thread remain the same as they always have been: no links to illegal streams of the games, no links to porn (but hey, if you find something good email me), and be civil with each other. Make fun of each others teams as much as you want, though.

There's plenty of other action going on around college football, including the first Battle of the Century for 2013, as Johnny Fuck You Football and Texas A and M take on The Great Satan Saban and Alabama.


We should have another thread going up around halftime of the YSU-MSU game, give or take. Enjoy the games everyone!