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B1G Power Poll 2013 Week 3: 1980's Actresses

Let's be honest. Two of the easiest columns to write (and get feedback from your readers) are 1) the power rankings column and 2) the pop culture comparison column. Much like that magical day when somebody got their peanut butter on my chocolate (or did I get my chocolate in her peanut butter?), it was predestined that one day these two great columns would be brought together...

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It's an idea that's been going around my head for awhile. The 1980's were weird. The hair doesn't translate. The New Wave style doesn't translate. The movies are cornballish, but awesome. The serious movies, well we love them because we don't have to take 'em too serious.

So. Our Power Poll this week is 1980's Female Actresses. It's an odd bunch, an odd androgynous bunch, possibly symptomatic of the Jekyll/Hyde nature of many B1G teams.


1. Ohio State - 180 Points - 15 First Place Votes - Jamie Lee Curtis

A varied, talented actress. Hits and accolades all over the place. She's the best of this odd bunch. TRADING PLACES. TRADING PLACES.


2. Northwestern - 163 - Jennifer Gray, FBDO and Dirty Dancing

Played the underdog or unknown and came out on top both in Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Felt comfortable in Chicago area suburbs. She had the time of her life, just like NW fans are as they've reached #2 in the OTE Power Poll for the first time in quite a long time.


3. Michigan - 148 - Diane Keaton

Known more for her 1970's era roles, still considered a big star throughout the decade. Tradition. Tradition.


4. Wisconsin - 135 - Molly Ringwald

Impossible not to like and a consistent hit maker. The real sweetheart of the bunch. Just like everyone loved Molly, everyone loves/empathizes with Wisconsin this week after the refereeing debacle. #NeverForgetDelayOfGame


5. Michigan State - 120 - Brooke Shields, Blue Lagoon

Sparty and Brook have one thing in common: They do one thing really well. Defense for Sparty, Brooke, well, Blue Lagoon. The rest of her decade was Golden Raspberry filled.


6. Nebraska - 103 - Phoebe Cates, Fast Time At Ridgemont High

Looks great in red?


7. Penn State - 84 - Sean Young trying to get into Catwoman

Just like Young wanted to be Catwoman, PSU wants to be elite. Well you can't be Catwoman if you're nuts and you can't be elite if you lose to Central Florida.


8. Minnesota - 69 - Glenn Close, Fatal Attraction

Obsessed with rodents and beating a perceived rival/lover.


9. Iowa - 60 - Debra Winger, Urban Cowboy

A tough girl who gritted out wins even though she was living with a convict and spending nights in terrible bars. Iowa.


10. Illinois - 50 - Signourney Weaver, Ghostbusters

Visited by an otherworldly presence that caused dramatic results (i.e. beating Cinci).


11. Indiana - 42 - Kathleen Turner, War Of The Roses

Just get a good defense (lawyer) and all the problems with these two would be solved.


12. Purdue - 16 - Daryl Hannah

Had 75% of her Wall Street scenes cut by Oliver Stone because they were unwatchable. See also (or don't see) Purdue's offense.