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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 4

Off Tackle Empire Global Positioning System

As always, let us know your location and libation in the comments.

Mike Jones
I'll be at Kinnick Stadium hoping the Hawks can actually put together a complete game against a directional Michigan team. I'll be drinking Jack and Coke.

Brian Gillis
I'll be back on the mainland and in Los Angeles - Game Changers in Hermosa Beach, to be precise - hoping that Michigan will show something against UConn to suggest the Wolverines aren't the equivalent of a second-division MAC team. ...or a second-division AAC team, for that matter.

I'll be wearing green in the morning, however, hoping that Sparty handles the Domers.

Hilary Lee
I'll be camping at the Indiana dunes and likely missing much of this week of football... Sad.

I'll be in Evanston, performing the usual internal rites of ablution with some DELICIOUS Hamm's, mimosas, and the Black Bear Shot (still under construction) for our honored guests from Maine. As an aside, thanks to the OTE crowdsourcing on the WMU shots--the Dark and Stormy was a hit! After the game, we'll head back out to the tailgate to take in some postgame TV, likely Michigan @ UConn, along with a few more beers, hopefully of the classier variety. I'm thinking about picking up the 22oz of Three Floyds Munsterfest, if I get motivated enough to swing by and grab a bottle. Leinie's if I'm lazy.

Green Akers
This weekend, I'll be buying my annual stock of grain alcohol and whipping up the season's first batch of apple pie. Where I physically end up after a few cups of that is anyone's guess. Since MSU's on the road, I'll probably see if I can actually get a seat at the East Lansing HopCat, and if not, Crunchy's is right there.

C.E. Bell
With the blessing of an ideal 2:30 pm CT kickoff (not up too early, game/tailgate in the sun, not home too late after the after-tailgate), I'll be heading up to Evanston for a Maine-themed tailgate. As of right now, the menu includes "chowdah-inspired clam pizza," whoopie pies, and maple cookies, but I'm probably going to add my own world-famous clam dip with potato chips, and also (if I can work it out) some lobster tails wrapped up in thin top round beef and grilled. We're also having a TON of guests at this week's tailgate, as an old college friend and his wife are coming in from St. Louis, and another fellow tailgater's wife is bringing her Canadian friends (and some Canadian delicacies) for the festivities. As for drinking, last week I went with an excellent Bodegas Borsao Monte Oton Garnacha, which is a PHENOMENAL red wine that's also a great value (I picked up bottles for around $8 at Binny's) and had a great time -- not too hungover, remember almost all of the game, etc. This week, I may do more of the same, but there's also a ton of leftover beer, including some Bell's Kalamazoo Stout that looks pretty tempting....

Jesse Collins
I will be flying into Sacramento on Saturday for a relaxing vacation with some old friends. Not sure on how we are seeing the game officially yet, but I have no doubt we will be watching. Drinks? Whatever's around. Seriously, I'm on vacation, I can do whatever I want!!!

Candystripes for Breakfast
For much of the day, I'll be in Lafayette participating in the Magic: the Gathering prerelease for their newest set. When it comes to the IU game, I'll probably be at home in Lebanon with some carbonated beverage produced by the Coca Cola Corporation of as yet undecided flavor.

Graham Filler
Mackinac Island. Grant Hotel most of Saturday, probably make my way to the famous Pink Pony to get my score updates. Something from Michigan will be on tap - my newest favorite is the Arcadia Jaw-Jacker, a fall-time beer.

I'll be in Minneapolis. Tailgating, then Gopher game, then bars and my buddy's place to watch the afternoon and evening games. The drinking part will probably cover a wide variety of options, but I can assure you that Grain Belt Nordeast will be a part of the plans.

I'll be at home watching the Boilers get the first B1G conference loss of the year! I'll probably have a little bit of palinka to feel better once the game starts getting out of hand.

Ted Glover
Going to be in a wedding in the Soulard District in St. Louis.

Yes, it's an open bar. Yes, I have a ride home.

So...much...booze. So...little...time.