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Across The Empire: Your Early Thread

Lots of byes, but we also have two marquee conference games going on. Come join us for all the action right here!

It used to be a real pig. Seriously.
It used to be a real pig. Seriously.

I love college football, the B1G, and of course, Ohio State. But our grand conference can be maddening sometimes, can't it? We had a pretty bland out of conference schedule, we've only had one conference game to this point, and this week, with conference play ready to GET INTO FULL SWING WOOOOO....

...half the teams in the conference have a bye. Michigan, MSU, Nebraska, Northwestern, Indiana, and Penn State all have the week off, which means five of the top seven programs are idle...on the weekend conference play should be getting into full swing.


Oh well, we have two great conference games on tap, even if the schedule is light. Iowa and Minnesota battle for one of the most prized trophies in college football, the Floyd of Rosedale. Our marquee game is later tonight, when Wisconsin travels to the Horseshoe to take on Ohio State in primetime on national TV. We also have two non-conference games--Illinois plays Miami and Purdue takes on Northern Illinois. Your game grid:

Game Time Visiting Team Home Team TV Network
11:00 Miami (OH) Illinois Big Ten Network
11:00 Northern Illinois Purdue ESPN 2
2:30 Iowa Minnesota ABC
7:00 Wisconsin Ohio State ABC

If the lack of B1G action doesn't send a thrill up your leg, there's plenty of other action going on around college football. Some good games elsewhere include Oklahoma State at West Virginia, LSU at Georgia, and Oklahoma at Notre Dame.

The open thread rules remain the same: No links or discussions about illegal links to games online, no links to porn, and don't be a jackwagon to other posters. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the games, everyone!