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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 2


Another week of football, another one of these articles. Add your location/beverage/food in the comments if you feel so inclined, or just make fun of what we are doing. Or just stalk us. Whatever floats your boat.

I'll be in West Lafayette watching the Mighty Sycamores of Terre Haute play Purdue. It should be both cooler and not as much of a nightmare as last week in the Queen City. I shall drink Coke Zero out of a souvenir cup and switch to the hard stuff (regular Coke) if the game is close in the second half.

Candystripes for Breakfast
I'll actually be in Bloomington, but as I'll be visiting my girlfriend who has no interest in football, I won't be at the game. More likely, at game time I'll be drinking some sort of carbonated beverage out of a Pizza X cup. (Pizza X is one of the favorite pizza places in B-Town, and their colorful cups are nearly ubiquitous).

In Evanston. Having a beer or six in the SPAC lots to start our day, because the West Lot of Ryan Field doesn't open until 1pm, then moving to the shadows of the stadium to fire up the grills, crack a few more beers, and slap fives with anyone and everyone wearing purple. Drink of choice will be knockoff Bailey's in coffee, cheap beer, more cheap beer, and possibly some less cheap beer if someone springs for it. Shotguns for everyone! Go 'Cats.

Brian Gillis
Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Big House.

Graham Filler
East Lansing. I'm a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters and I'll be attending the MSU game with my little bro, Savion, a 17 year old Junior at Everett High School here in Lansing (he's also an offensive tackle on the football team LETS GO VIKINGS). We'll be stopping by the Spartan tailgate 100 yards from Gate J on the northwest side of the stadium. Comments on the first tailgate last Friday: Outstanding. Great folks, tons of pasta and dessert options. Strong tailgate.

Ted Glover
I'll be driving back from Indiana Saturday morning after a visit to the in-laws, but will be home in time for the afternoon and evening games. Going to watch the OSU/SDSU game, then whatever game interests me.

Found this great new beer (well, new to me--I haven't seen it before) here in the 'Lou called Old St. Louis Water Tower Wheat beer. Very smooth, very good, and my refrigerator is very well stocked for the weekend. If I run out, I have some Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest ready to go.

Hilary Lee
I'll be in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin relaxing and enjoying some New Glarus and foooootbaaaalll!

Green Akers
I'll be tailgating in East Lansing before what will surely be an offensive explosion of extraordinary magnitude, will probably go ahead and get a ticket since I have a feeling they'll be easily obtained for this one, but only if I run out of Hell's Half Mile from Tri-City Brewing, a nice German Helles lager. Actually there's a pretty solid chance I'll run out of that Friday night, so I'll probably grab some Bell's Best Brown for...emergencies.

C.E. Bell
This Saturday brings Northwestern's first home game, and thus my first tailgate, of the season. As Syracuse is our opponent, we're honoring "New York's Big East, uh, I mean ACC (but we wish it was B1G!) Team" with foods/drinks that are either orange/orange flavored, or else New York-famous (hot dogs, pretzels, knishes, buffalo wings, etc.). It's a 5 pm kickoff which is almost perfectly ideal (plenty of time to play cornhole, grill, drink, and enjoy the slightly cooler weather both before and after the game), so I imagine we may drink some mimosas to celebrate our first tailgate of the season (bonus: they involve orange juice, so we're drinking our opponent!), Bell's Oberon (which goes nicely with a slice of orange), and some Maker's Mark (because every tailgate deserves bourbon).

Appleton, WI, US-41 and US-151, and my couch in Madison. Thanks to this whole blogging thing, folks in my graduating class thought I would be perfect to coordinate social media for my college reunion committee. As a result I'll be drinking N/A all day while missing most/all of the daytime games due to a reunion planning session. I'll catch the Gophers on iHeartRadio on the drive until I arrive home at about halftime. The second half will include many celebratory bourbons and beer as I watch the Gophers improve to 2-0 on BTN2Go.

Jesse Collins
I will be spending the day on my couch again watching all the football. Last weekend was interrupted by actual things which was super lame and caused me to fulfill my duties for OTE in not watching football. Anyhow, that changes and I will be eating tons of grilled foods, probably inviting people over, and letting them drink while I enjoy some Mexican Coca Cola because it is delicious. Not exactly a hugely interesting day, but one I am really looking forward to.

Mike Jones
I'll be at the Iowa game in Iowa City watching the Hawkeyes take on Missouri State. Last week was absolutely unbearable. It was probably 95 degrees at Kinnick with the humidity making it around 100. As it was so hot I didn't even smuggle in any booze and was forced to watch Iowa play football while totally sober. To avoid the crowd, backed up traffic and to cede to my complaining girlfriend, we left the game early when the Hawkeyes were up by a touchdown...BIG MISTAKE. I blame myself.

This Saturday should prove to be a bit cooler and more entertaining. So I'll be at Kinnick...with Mr. Jack Daniels. Maybe I'll even smuggle in some vodka and work my way up to a .341! #YOLO