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Across the B1G Empire: Your Saturday Night Open Thread

Notre Dame v. Michigan? Notre Dame v. Michigan.

Gregory Shamus

Other thread was getting a little slow. You guys sure do talk a lot.

Indiana is attempting to come back against Navy, down 31-21. Nebraska is destroying Southern Miss, [CENSORED] and Northwestern is beating Syracuse 34-13. All of the aforementioned games are on BTN or one of their 15 alternate channels.

The big story tonight is Notre Dame's final visit to the Big House. The two teams were unable to sign a contract past 2014 so for now, this will be the last Notre Dame v. Michigan game in Ann Arbor. That game is currently on ESPN.

Enjoy the night.

Same rules apply. No porn, illegal streams, homophobic/sexist/racial comments, etc. Be nice (kinda) and no personal insults.