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B1G Michigan, MSU Talking Points

Offenses going in opposite directions

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan State offense is the worst thing anyone has ever seen. College football is a beautiful thing, but that offense is making those games unwatchable. On a side note, it made me stay for the whole South Florida game because of the wild chance that SF might actually pull the upset. EL would have...well let's just say those couches were sweating.

Apparently whatever Dantonio was trying to do this off-season hasn't panned out, so now he's rotating quarterbacks and offensive philosophies until something works. When life gives you lemons, make ...try to do something positive amidst the ruins?

It's extremely disconcerting to not know which quarterback is going to be on the field. The stadium folk strain to see, which number is the QB wearing, which package are they coming out in. And then Maxwell gets booed. Every time.

Thank God for defensive touchdowns.

The Michigan offense was rolling nicely against over-matched ND. It's always nice to see the things you practiced all off-season work wonderfully in prime time. Case in Point: Apparently Jeremy Gallon and Devin Gardner love the "I'll run 10 yards and turn around, you throw the ball to my back shoulder" route. It's a timing route, it requires an accurate throw from the QB and great body control from the receiver. All of those things were on display and Michigan picked up chunks of yardage with these routes.

Frank Clark, physical freak. Guy is just all kinds of bundled up strength and energy.

Fitz Toussaint, reinvigorated? 22 carries for 71 yards isn't world beating, but he showed nice flashes against the powerful ND front four. At least he was enough of a threat to spring Gardner's keepers to the edge.