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2014 Football Postmortems

Recapping the 2014 football season

2014 Wisconsin Postmortem

The wait for this article lasted almost as long as Gary Andersen at Wisconsin

Postmortem 2014: Michigan

A season to forget turned into an off-season to remember for Michigan.

Postmortem 2014: Michigan State

The bodies are collected and the autopsies are complete; with 2013 in the books and the prospect of a 9-month layoff, let us cling to the evaporating memories of another season.

Postmortem 2014: Nebraska

It was a really weird year for Nebraska. In fact, it was weird enough to fire the coach...

A New Paradigm of Coaching and Fanbases

OTE Sports meets OTE Science meets the mind of MNW!

Postmortem 2014: Iowa

"...I'm coaching the way I did in 1999." - Kirk Ferentz. IOWA. PLAYING FOOTBALL LIKE IT'S 1999.

Postmortem 2014: Rutgers

Taking a look back at the 2014 season for Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers.

Illinois Fighting Illini Postmortem 2014

The rollercoaster of a season defied fan expectations at every turn Here's a look at what it was like to root for the Fighting Illini this year.

Penn State Postmortem 2014

Wrapping up TTFP's latest campaign.

Postmortem 2014: Northwestern

Off Tackle Empire reviews Northwestern's 2014 football season

Postmortem 2014 - Indiana

"I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody."

Purdue Postmortem

In the first of a series of articles, OTE looks back at Purdue's dismal 2014 season.