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New Year's Day Open Thread

It's The Big Day for the Big Ten

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you rang in last night with good friends, good libations, and the hangover isn't too bad this morning. I had a pretty quiet evening as the wife and I babysat the two grandsons so the kids could go out, and it was as fun as any New Years Eve I've ever had. Anyway, enough of that. On to football!

Minnesota and Michigan got the conference off to a rough start, but the B1G has four of their remaining five bowl teams in action today as Nebraska, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Iowa play. Your games:

Gator Bowl: Georgia v. Nebraska, 11:00, ESPN 2

Cap One Bowl: Wisconsin v. South Carolina and HATIN' ASS SPURRIER, 12:00, ABC

Outback Bowl: Iowa v. LSU, 12:00, ESPN

Rose Bowl: MSU v. Stanford, 4:00, ESPN

Would love to see 3-1 today. 2-2 is realistic, but good Lord, we all know how the B1G has been during bowl season in recent years so would anyone be surprised at 0-4? We'll see. I was really optimistic heading into bowl season, but hey THANKS FOR NOTHING GOPHERS AND MICHIGAN JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE THOSE TWO SHITSHOWS I MEAN COME ON.

I didn't expect Michigan to win having to play a freshman QB, so a loss was excusable...but getting your ass kicked b a middling Big 12 program? Come on. And waited until the last game of the year to pull the rug out from underneath me, but once again, I look at you with my yearly disdain. Syracuse is a TERRIBLE team, and one you beat when YOU WERE HORRID I MEAN COME ON WHAT KIND OF SHITSHOW WAS THAT SERIOUSLY.

Those two performances have really soured me on the conference as we hit the zenith of bowl season for us. 1-1 would've had me feeling a lot better than I do. Jesse largely summed up my thoughts with this great piece, but I do have a couple quick takes.

If both teams were at 100% Georgia beats Nebraska 8 times out of 10...but Georgia isn't healthy and they can be run on. You can spell Pelini with four L's, but do you need five? Wisconsin should be able to stuff it down the throat of South Carolina, and Gary Andersen is no late game WTF DID YOU JUST DO BIELS I MEAN COME ON WHAT KIND OF SHITSHOW STRATEGY WAS THAT.

Wisconsin should win this game.

Not too many people think Iowa will beat LSU, which means they probably will. LSU's starting QB Zach Mettenberger tore his ACL late in the season and is out for the game, which means the Hawks have a fighting chance. And I thought MSU was going to roll Stanford until the Max Bullough suspension. I still think they have a very good shot of winning, but man, losing Bullough hurts.

Open thread rules remain the same--no porn, no links or mentions of sites that illegally stream games, and no links to porn.