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This is a test, this is a hockey test.

Frozen Friday hockey open thread.

Big double header on the BTN tonight

The Michigan State Spartans travel to Columbus to take on the Buckeyes of Ohio State.

Will Sparty's Captain Greg Wolfe lead his squad to victory. or will OSU's young goalie Tompkins shut the door and steal a game?

Followed by a big clash in Madison with the Badger taking on The Michigan Wolverines.

Can the high powered Badgers fend off Michigan and Andrew Copp, who is coming off playing on the worlds biggest hockey stage for team USA at the World junior hockey Championships?

With B1G hockey now a reality, as a self described hockey nut, I thought we should have a little hockey content on here. (more to come)

Sit back, crack a beer, break out the poutine and enjoy the frozen game.

(I am not familiar at all with this edit/post system so excuse the lack of jazzy pictures and video clips, I'll learn it eventually)