Al Borges Fired, Doug Nussmeier Hired

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Brandon does not screw around, apparently. Borges was terminated because the offense was directionless and the Michigan offensive coaching staff was making 4 stars look like walk ons. A Michigan team that couldn't consistently run the ball or protect its quarterback was the main cause of Al Borges no longer working in Ann Arbor.

Things you should know about all this -

Michigan HAD to do something. Watching the offense fall far behind the Oregons and Baylors of the world just doesn't cut it. Brandon knows it. The fanbase knew it. How would you describe Michigan's offensive plan the last three years? Sort of a hybrid of chuck it and pray and run up the middle and pray? There was no complicated wizardy, no Kevin Wilson/Gus Malzahn voodoo. There were a bunch of off-tackle runs for 1 yard. That's not going to cut it anywhere, especially not Michigan.

Nussmeier has a great reputation for developing quarterbacks. He's succeeded on a national stage. These are good signs. Can he get the O-line to work together ala MSU 2013? That's the big question.

This coaching search was carried out quickly and more successfully than the last couple in Ann Arbor. That's good news for Big Blue. No more Harbaughing-in-the-wilderness coaching searches. Point at someone. Get 'em. Pay 'em a lot of money.

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