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Should Michigan Fire Brady Hoke Now?


Leon Halip

Now that the Internet has calmed down just a smidgen over Michigan Football-related issues, let's ask you the OTE reader: Should Brady Hoke be fired now, as in today or tomorrow or Sunday?

It seems that Hoke is on his way out at the end of the season, barring a miracle. But that's not the question. We're talking about firing Hoke, appointing an interim coach, telling all the recruits...We're talking about a mid-season firing at Michigan, an action that you wouldn't expect from the University of Michigan. Most people I've talked to believe he will be fired after the OSU game...or a bowl game, if that happens.

My #take? Fire him now. All his muttered-about incompetent traits have been magnified and led Michigan into into the Morris debacle, not to mention what could be one of the worst Michigan teams ever. Brady Hoke recruits well and...We're not sure what else. Talent development has been below par, game management has been continuously suspect...What does Michigan gain by having Hoke finish out the year, only to be fired minutes after the OSU game?

Instead, let's cut bait right now and change the rhetoric coming from Ann Arbor. Let's lower expectations and make it all about the players playing hard, instead of talking about the dangerously meatheaded coach.

It's tough for the players, firing a coach midseason. Very tough. And Michigan may lose some recruits if Hoke is fired midseason. That's not good. But a couple talented recruits are not the remedy for the black cloud surrounding the program. A culture change is needed. A change us needed in the way the program develops talent and communicates with the fans. Firing Hoke now would give that signal to the entire University that things are going to change.