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Week 7 Evening Overflow

Paging Indiana's defense

The one and only, Kirk Ferentz
The one and only, Kirk Ferentz
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

So, as I write this, it's still the first quarter of the Indiana/Iowa game.  Iowa has already scored the most points they've scored in a game since Week 1 when they beat UNI 31-23, and there is a minute left in the first.  Wow.  Paging Indiana's defense.

Tonight's game pits PSU against Michigan in what could be the worst combined offensive line between two teams we've seen all year.  Naturally, given how today's games have started, that means that PSU is running for 200 yards and whoever is starting for Michigan isn't going to get sacked all game.

Other things happened today, but I stopped watching football after the IU game ended. Deal with it - C4B

Carry on with the game day talk.  Normal rules apply.