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The B1G-MAC Swap: The Return of the Chips

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Another week, another opportunity to bring up a MAC team. In case you hadn't noticed, our friends from Akron had been zipping (see what I did there?) right along, and it would be difficult to argue that they shouldn't get another run at the top. However, we're all about arguing and Bryan M. Vance, our good friend from Hustle Belt, showed us how one major MAC power getting toppled can lead to a little bit of craziness. For Part I of this week's post, the part where we looked at the various teams we could relegate to the MAC this week, check out Hustle Belt.


Bryan: As you know, Zippy has been hanging out around the B1G water cooler for two weeks now. She's earned it too. She just keeps winning. But remember how in the into I said we watched a MAC powerhouse crumble this past weekend? Well, it's difficult for me to promote anyone other than that king-slayer this week, so, for the second time this year, CMU is going B1G time.

The Chippewas absolutely manhandled NIU. In Huskie Stadium too. You know, that place NIU hadn't lost at since 2009. CMU shattered the nation's longest home-winning streak, and a 24-game MAC winning streak in a 34-17 victory over the royalty of the MAC, and proved once again that bad guys always win.

Jesse: So we get to welcome back your favorite coach? Because one of my favorite parts of this promotion is that we get to talk about how Dan Enos is back in the B1G. I can totally see him talking about his playing career at MSU, and I look forward to him staring down Dantonio as Michigan State throttles the life out of him.

But enough about one man, let's talk about how the hell CMU managed to beat down NIU. I feel like this was fairly unexpected.

Bryan: ABSOLUTELY! People outside of the MAC may like to hem and haw about NIU being a MAC team, but when you look at what the Huskies have done over the past four or five years, only Oregon has been more consistent. NIU may be a team that plays in the middle of nowhere, but it's certainly not a nobody. CMU didn't just beat them, they went into the Huskies' house and embarrassed them. We're talking about a 28-game home-winning streak that NIU had entering this contest. CMU shattered it with ease.

The thing about CMU-it's something I said at the beginning of the season-is that talent-wise, it just may be the best in the MAC. The Chips returned 19 starters this season. Nineteen. Titus Davis averages nearly 20 yards a catch for his career. Justin Cherocci has over 70 tackles already this season, and will probably top 120 for the third consecutive season. Then there's Thomas Rawls, who despite missing two games while dealing with his felony theft arrest, is currently seventh in the NATION in rushing yards, and in the past two weeks has ran the ball 80 times for 499 yards and four touchdowns. Basically, CMU's talent is finally being matched by Dan Enos' coaching ability, and everything is clicking for this team right now. That's how it destroyed a MAC legend in one game.

Jesse: I mean, good defense + good rush game + coach not totally screwing it all up = success. It's impressive that they so thoroughly destroyed NIU though.

So let's get down to business. I am trying to figure out exactly what this CMU team would do in the Big Ten. They have beaten Purdue. They would most likely beat Illinois and Indiana. They could legitimately play with Michigan right now, and after last weekend, I'm not so convinced they would be blown out by Penn State. We've already moved them up to 8, and depending on how you see that next tier of Big Ten teams - Northwestern, Maryland, Rutgers - You could see them competing with the top half of the Big Ten. Who knew that would happen at the beginning of the season? But hey, that's just my opinion. Where do you see the Chips finishing?

Bryan: OK, so this is how I see it playing out: CMU beat Purdue, which beat Illinois, which beat WKU, which beat BGSU, which beat Indiana, which beat Missouri, which beat South Carolina, which beat Georgia. Basically, I think CMU could compete for an SEC East title right now. Is my math right?

Oh, and they destroyed NIU, which put a nice whooping on Northwestern, which beat Wisconsin. So let's add a potential Rose Bowl win to the list of possible accomplishments for Dan Enos in 2014.

Jesse: This is how bandwagons start. #DanEnosCOTY will be trending by Saturday, right?

Bryan: For Dan's sake, anything other than #FireDanEnos will be welcomed.

Jesse: What a very strange year of football this has been... A very very strange year.

That in mind, this weekend has potential to jumble the B1G West even more, so hopefully we'll have even more opportunities to shake things up next week. Enjoy your MACTION this week.

Bryan: Stay B1G, my friend. And #FireUpChips!