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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

For the first time ever, we banish someone to the SEC. Ahh, the privileges of editorship.

We're so close to the sweet, sweet nectar of game day I can taste it in this breakfast beer. Where will ye be, and verily, what shall ye be imbibing, friend editors?

GoAUpher: Finally making it up to Minnesota for a game. I cannot overstate how excited I am to tailgate and get over to TCF. My only regret is that it's an 11 AM game. Purdue week means #TRAINHATE, so I've been pondering how best to go about that. The obvious choice is to drink Boilermakers, but I'm going up to enjoy myself so...yea. It's not official, but we may have a Thomas the Train piñata full of single serving booze that gets brought to the tailgate. Otherwise it's the tailgate staples of grilled meat and Grain Belt tallboys (both Premium and Nordeast).

MNWildcat: It's Homecoming! That means it's time for a moderately more purple crowd and lots of red in our stadium! I'll be heading back to Evanston on Friday, first to do some research down in Chicago at the NARA archives, then to revel in the Homecoming parade (you can see me marching tuba on Friday!) and enjoy a night out with some friends from band. That beer will likely be Temperance Beer Co., finally. Saturday will bring an earlyish tailgate in the Kemper lot on campus, complete with lots of cheap beer and beer pong, before with joining the NUMBalums for our usual tailgate.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to talk about something near and dear to my heart: visitors' drinks. In the past, a fellow alum and I would offer a drink each week in the opposing team's colors to fans of that school. A lot of those were really disgusting. But Nebraska? Nebraska's stuck. In honor of our visiting Blackshirts, we offer a drink retitled "The Blackshirt": a motherfuckin' Jag bomb. Too Jersey? Don't care. Don't like Jag? That's grounds for a banning. We buy a 1.75 of Jager on Friday night, walk around the free lots on Saturday, and don't stop until we've done a Jag bomb (or 5!) with as many Nebraska fans as our alcohol will permit. In the past, that's led to a couple rounds with cute Nebraska girls, invitations to drinking games, and a 30-minute discussion with a Nebraskan pastor who reciprocated with Crown Royal. Jager brings us all together. Oh yeah, a game will happen, too. I'll drink copiously to forget it ever happened.

(Editor's note: While I'm borderline offended with the quasi-Jersey dig, this is awesome. When is Nebroski playing Rutgers?)

Graham Filler: #MARCHINGTUBA

Well honey cancel the plans I'm heading to Chicago this weekend.

Also - Fireball, would be the proper drink. Duh.

(Editor's note: Not sure if this was an actual entry, but I lolled, so I figured this was the right home for it.)


Back in the D this weekend, where I'll probably watch MSU retain the Old Brass Spittoon from my couch. I'm feeling Bell's Best Brown so I can hang out with the owl on the box. Depending on whether the early slate seduces me with its wares, I may hit up a cider mill Saturday morning, since Maryland is the only team in the early slate that MSU has left on the schedule. But then, Baylor-WVU promises enough chaos that it may be worth catching, too.



Candystripes for Breakfast: I will be in South Bend this weekend (mostly likely; plans are still a bit unsure as I type this) completely ignoring football as I hang out with a group of friends from college playing games, including but not limited to Magic, Cards Against Humanity, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Dominion. Should there be any time where nothing important is going on, I may check in here to see how badly IU is getting/got beat. I presume some form of Coke may be consumed during the weekend, but that is also an unknown at this point.

(Editor's note: Board games and blow? THAT'S MY KIND OF GAMEDAY)

Mike Jones: I'll be at home in Des Moines watching the Hawkeyes take on Maryland. Chances are I'll probably be too hungover from Kung-Fu Friday to drink anything but after Iowa goes into halftime with a 10 point deficit I'll break out the Paulaner Oktoberfest and get the party started.

Aaron Yorke: I should be home for once during the afternoon, so I'll have the early games on. I should be able to pick up some Yuengling or Sam Adams Oktoberfest by then. Heading into New York City at night, but I'll have my eye on that Nebraska/Northwestern game. Will be high drama as usual.

GoForThree: With the bye weeks finally behind us, I'll be firmly planted on my couch hanging out with my SEC bros to watch Ohio State take on get worked by Rutgers. This week's fare will be Brooklyn Lager, because New Jersey is so awful the Nets would rather move to the hipster borough than remain in the cesspool of East Rutherford awesome that I can't help but talking about it all the time. Also I love New Jersey a lot.

(Editor's Note: Fixed it for you.)

Jesse Collins: I will be down in Lincoln at a family event this Saturday, but that family event will most likely revolve around watching the game. There will most likely be food, drinking, and the slamming of my head into a wall when Nebraska does whatever it generally does against Northwestern (Alamo Bowl notwithstanding).

Brian Gillis: This weekend in Ann Arbor, Slippery Rock will put its 5-1 record on the line when it hosts Mercyhurst in a PSAC clash at the Big House ( I'll be in Los Angeles, wondering from afar if the Wolverines could take the winner.

Ray Ransom: I'll actually be on the other side of the writing-athletics spectrum Saturday, swimming in the NJ Masters Swimming "Octoberfest" meet at Drew University (quick aside: Masters Swimming is hella fun and amazing for your health. Check it out!). I'm on tap for the 50 Breast Stroke, 100 Breast Stroke, 200 Medley Relay (Breast Stroke leg) and 200 Free Relay. If you'd please, I'm running short on Breast Stroke jokes, so if you have any good ones, see me in the comments section. After the meet, I'm hoping to hustle back to the homestead to catch Rutgers bring the pain against THE "We have a game this week but let's talk about the national championship game" Ohio State Community College for Farming. Given the aquatic theme of the day, we'll probably RELEASE THE KRAKEN (context: The Kraken Spiced Rum and Cola on the rocks, garnish with yelling RELEASE THE KRAKEN).

Well, there you have it. So, let us know WWYBWYBD in the comments section!

Also, give it to GF3...right in the gifs.