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Week 8 Players of the Week!

Come discuss the staff's picks as B1G Players of the Week and tell us who you think they should be!

Michael Hickey

Good afternoon and...uh...happy Monday?  Today we bring you all of your procrastination needs for ignoring the end of your work day with the Week 8 B1G Players of the Week!  Note:  TJ Barrett  does not have a beer yet.  Expect an update by this evening, or throw out some beers in the comments.

Offensive Player(s) of the Week

WR Stefon Diggs, Maryland

In short, Diggs was the Maryland passing attack on Saturday.  Diggs put up 9 receptions for 130 yards and a touchdown, and at one point in the second quarter he held over half of the receptions of the half, attacking the gaps in the Iowa secondary and flashing his speed in the process.  In the second half, Diggs took a screen pass 53 yards for a TD, putting the Terps up 24-14 and starting the scoring frenzy, seen here:

To honor Mr. Diggs, I give you a beer from Maryland's Flying Dog that correctly advocates how most defenses feel about Stefon, The Fear: Flying Dog The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  Yes, just as Maryland's uniforms are polarizing, so is pumpkin beer and you all either unequivocally love it or hate it.  Seems very fitting.

RB Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska

So here's the deal. For the greater part of the first 35 minutes or so of game time, Northwestern did what Michigan State did to Abdullah. They clogged lanes, manhandled the line, and made things difficult for the does-everything back from Nebraska to get going. Sure, he had a TD in the first half, but most of us were wondering what was going on. In the second half, he showed what can happen if he gets a crease, and a four TD, 146 yard performance is just another chapter in his legacy at Nebraska.

-- Jesse Collins

QB JT Barrett, Ohio State

I admittedly did not watch this game since I was working, but his stat line speaks for itself.  261 yards passing with 3 TDs with another 107 on the ground and 2 rushing TDs.  That's 368 all purpose yards and a combined 5 TDs.  Yikes.  The OSU kicker didn't even need to try to make a FG in this game, take a helmet sticker.

-- DJ Carver

I'll chime in with the quick assist. Barrett's performance recalled the best days of B1G pocket passing. He enjoyed solid protect all day, looked defenders off his receivers, and was masterful at taking what the defense gave him. That last part is what makes him so special as a freshman. Instead of forcing the ball into coverage or making bad throws back across the field, he ran through his progression with cool efficiency and made smart throw after smart throw. He's shaping up into a dynamite player.

-- GoForThree

Defensive Player of the Week

CB Will Likely, Maryland

What? Two Maryland players in one week? Yes, Maryland's William Likely is this week's defensive player of the week with his stout performance against Iowa, culminating in a 45 yard interception return for a TD, putting the Terps up 31-21 and all but sealing the game.  Iowa would make a good attempt at a come back, but it was just barely out of reach.  This was a great follow up game for Likely, who last week was added to the Chuck Bednarik Watch List for the nations best defensive player.

To honor William Likely, I bring you Dogfish Head's Bitches Brew.  A fusion of an imperial stout and honey beer, it can relate to the stoutness Likely has brought on defense this year and, given his height, he has a little Honey Badger in him (but not too much, lay off the weed).  Ok, that was a stretch, and I really just wanted to link the Bitches Brew and link the Dogfish events coming up since some are in B1G country and I hear you all say you don't see it as much.  A list of events is contained here, and some are in Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  For you PSU fans, they'll be in State College on November 1st.

Special Teams Player of the Week

K Ryan Santoso, Minnesota

Before you all throw us into the fire, yes, he missed an extra point.  We discussed that one widely, but who else would we nominate?  Most other games either also had a missed FG or 8 straight XPs (OSU) and we were without any returns for TDs this week.  So, Santoso has won with his game winning field goal with five minutes to go from 52 yards out.  The longest FG of the week and it was the game winner, so there we go, you have won yourself the STPOTW honors!

--DJ Carver

To honor the placekicking linebacker from Dinkytown, I present Lift Bridge's Hop Dish. Nailing a 52 yard field goal with LOTS of room to spare to win the game for your team certainly provided every Gopher fan with a huge lift. And Hop Dish because Ryan Santoso will defend the superiority of hot dish to casserole against any and all challengers.*

*We didn't ask Ryan. This is an assumption. Hot dish is still superior to casserole.

-- GoAUpher

Who is the overall POTW? Vote and tell us why in the comments.