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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 9

Meet me tonight in Atlantic City (and other places)

It's time for the weekly location and libation article. This week features a lot of back and forth about Yuengling as well as the beginning and end of a corn war.

babaoreally: It's finally bye week for Purdue, so I'll probably just sit at home and watch random games. I might have to crack open the Citrus Drop Ten that I picked up at Kroger awhile back. Or maybe I'll stick with the old standby for generic diet cokes: Cola Oh!

Brian Gillis: Who would have thought that Michigan State's offense would be ahead of its defense at this point in the season? I have a feeling the defense steps up this weekend and reminds people of what all the fuss was about last year, making it a(nother) long day for Devin Gardner & company. I'll be on the other side of the country, in San Francisco, but will be there in spirit, watching the game at a place called the Taco Shop @ Underdogs with a few dozen other Maize & Blue-hearted souls. Friday night, however, I'll be in Santa Clara at the House of Jeans - Levi's Stadium - watching Cal & Oregon play.

Graham Filler: East Lansing - The mood around Michigan says that MSU will win by a lot. You know how people say "throw out the records in rivalry games"? Doesn't apply here. Michigan's shown little to bring optimism.

Last time I tailgated, I enjoyed Michigan craft beers (we do boast Beer City USA in Grand Rapids) with some farmer friends. It was a Founders...something amazing. This is one of my favorite days of the whole year.

GoAUpher: Back to the couch and actually glad the Gophers are on ESPNU. Why? Because that's part of my cable package, which means no pushing the BTN2Go stream off my computer to the TV. Not sure what I'll break out, but I'm pondering getting into my bomber of Deschutes Black Butte XXVI. Or Draino if the Gophers somehow lose to Beckman.

Aaron Yorke: I'm headed to Atlantic City to catch up with some college friends. Hopefully the Ohio State vs. Penn State game provides adequate entertainment, but if not there are... other things to do in Atlantic City. I'm packing Yuengling Oktoberfest but there should be plenty of choices on tap at the bar as well.

DJ: Wait, Yuengling makes an Oktoberfest??

Ray: It's a travesty that you guys haven't tried all the Yuengling variants. As good as Lager is (and it is a mighty fine brew), I think its actually the least impressive beer they make. The Premium and the Lord Chesterfield (yeah, it's actually called that) are great and definitely worth trying.

DJ Carver: I'll be at home, packing up everything from where we've been staying the past four months since we are closing next week. After a few hours of that with football on in the background I have to head off to work since it's an away game this week. We've started our tradition of bringing afterwork beers with us and putting them in our beer cooler for when the shift ends, so if I find yuengling oktoberfest at the store, it'll be that.

Mike Jones: Iowa is on a bye so I'll probably chill out and spend the weekend playing Destiny at home or something. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD. Oh. And when I'm not drinking I love diet cream soda. Mmmmmmm cream soda.

Andrew Kraszewski: Cream soda...I like the cut of your jib, Mike. I, too, think I'll eschew beer this weekend and instead will subsist on Captain & cider as well as a few Detroit coolers- Hard Luck Candy root beer vodka mixed with Vernors ginger ale. Having made an unplanned trip home last weekend, this time I will actually be planted on my couch in Detroit.

Candystripes for Breakfast: As Indiana mercifully has the week off, I don't really know what I'll be doing this weekend. Probably (not) watching football and hanging out on OTE, unless something comes up that I can't think of right now. For what I'll be drinking, the mocha iced coffee drink I mentioned a couple weeks back is likely, though as the day goes on, I may end up consuming some store brand sparkling lemonade, which is amazing and I wish I could still find the Sunkist version that they used to make when I was a kid but seem to have stopped making.

Jesse Collins: Right now, I'm 50/50 on what to do this weekend. I have an opportunity to go to the game, which I'll probably take up, but that means getting myself to Lincoln for an early game and watching Rutgers. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as the temps are supposed to be in the 70s and gorgeous, but I have to then get back to Omaha to watch the UNO Mavericks kick it in Soccer. These aren't bad problems per say, but logistics are logistics and I hate them. Drinks will probably include copious amounts of caffeine.

Ray RansomLike Mr. Carver, I'm involved in a pending real estate transaction, however I'm on the selling side. So, in between bouts of watching Nebraska trying to get even for Jersey sweet corn being embarrassingly superior, I'll be running around the house fixing/packing/cleaning/hiding things. I've discovered that my drinking has a linear correlative relationship with the amount of home improvement work I'm doing, so I'll probably be pretty lit up by kickoff. The weapon of choice will be Magic Hat Number 9, an exceptional "not quite pale ale" with a subtle yet delicious hint of apricot zest. It's freakin awesome and you should try it sometime. Also it pairs well with Jersey sweet corn, the best corn of all the corn, which will be featured prominently on the gameday menu at Casa Del Ransom.

Aaron: I'm definitely going to grab some Lord Chesterfield to celebrate whenever the corn war that Ray just started comes to an end.

Jesse: I'm willing to concede sweet corn to whoever wants to take that mantle. The reality is that we produce feed corn in Nebraska and that feed corn gets fed to cows so that we can eat steak. Steak >>> Sweet Corn. Oh, and ethanol... But, we'll overlook that and talk about steak some more.

GoForThree: I'll be at my humble abode, wringing my hands all day in anticipation of the night tilt against the ghost of Penn State. Say what you will about Hackenberg being ineffective (he is) or about Penn State's offensive line being terrible (they are), or about the fact that Penn State's No. 1 rushing defense has made its reputation against a gang of sorry running attacks (they have). Playing a night game in Happy Valley has ended very badly for the Buckeyes on more than one occasion, as has that hackneyed "white-out" schtick. Fortunately there's plenty of other B1G ball to keep me occupied til nightfall. In honor of the last gasp of summer here, I'll probably make a nice Pimm's cup in the daytime. I'll switch to something from Sam Adams in the evening. I associate all Sam products with fall since the time in college when the dean gave us a case for helping out with his class reunion (his classmate, John Wing, was an initial founder of Boston Beer Co.). Plus most of the craft beers anymore seem to be a bottle of hops that cost $4 each.

Let us know if you're going to be anywhere or drinking anything in the comments.