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UM-MSU: From The Crowd

A look through the fan's lens

My seats were somewhere behind the Wolverine bench. Which means I saw the beatdown from a certain perspective.

A couple of notes:

Early in the game, there was a tremendous amount of "coaching up" by Mattison and Hoke. Hoke in the huddle, Hoke sitting by the defenders on the bench, Mattison yelling pointedly at numerous players. I think they knew Michigan couldn't get too far behind, because that offense was not going to be able to score more than, say, 20 points.

This is the second Spartan game in a row where the opposing team was relatively "quiet" throughout the game. Just not too many big plays to get the team hyped. It was like watching a snake slowly swallow a rabbit, and halfway through you think to yourself, "why am I watching this?"

The Sparty crowd was good and loud. Stayed the whole game too, which is a big deal. Says a lot about how the Spartan fans feel about beating Michigan.

Tailgate wise, the weather was immaculate and there were almost too many tailgates. Games are different when you have basically a hoodie on versus 5 layers and a poncho. One of the best tailgating experiences I've attended.