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The Game Eight Preview: Indiana Hoosiers vs. Michigan Wolverines

Do you believe in magic? Or miracles?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Who, Where, When: IU travels to Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor this Saturday for a 3:30 pm showdown. BTN has the coverage, with the team of Kevin Kugler and Glen Mason being aided by Lisa Byington on the sideline. The series is very lopsided (Michigan leads 53-9), and Indiana's last win in Ann Arbor was the same 1967 season that ended with IU's lone Rose Bowl trip (IU's last win against Michigan anywhere was in Bloomington in 1987). Michigan won 63-47 last year.

Tevin Watch: The games with a rushing touchdown streak was finally ended at 15, but the 100+ yard game streak extended to 9 and counting. His performance against MSU made him the first back to break the century mark against the Spartans' defense since the 2013 Big Ten Championship game. Finally, Tevin now sits in 9th all time on the Hoosier rushing leaderboard, with 8th place John Isenbarger 78 yards ahead.

Michigan Info, from OTE's own Brian Gillis: It’s been a season in which each week seems to bring with it a new low point for the Wolverines. Will that trend continue Saturday against Indiana? And on the heels of yet another demoralizing loss in a season full of them, will Michigan be able to bounce back against the Hoosiers? Probably, because while Michigan’s play has left a lot to be desired, particularly on the offensive side of the ball, the Wolverines haven’t mailed it in. The effort is still there. Execution, on the other hand... So what to expect Saturday? Michigan’s beleaguered offense should have an easier time against the Hoosiers’ defense than it did last week against the Spartans, but will it do enough to help out a defense that will have its hands full with Indiana’s high-flying offense, back-up quarterback or not? Michigan had difficulty with Minnesota’s David Cobb and Michigan State’s Jeremy Langford, how will it deal with Tevin Coleman? But perhaps the biggest question might be, "What will the home crowd be like?" In mood, as intensity has turned to apathy in many Michigan fans, and numbers. Michigan’s streak of more than 250 consecutive crowds of at least 100,000 began against Indiana in 1975, will it end against the Hoosiers 39 years later?

Other Amusing Michigan Trivia (That Might or Might Not Impress Other People): Michigan's Solar Car team has placed first in the North American Solar Challenge 6 times and third in the World Solar Challenge 4 times. "The Victors", Michigan's fight song, was at some point in history declared to be "the greatest college fight song ever written" by no less an authority than John Philip Sousa.

Notable Michigan Alumni: Clarence Darrow (lawyer, Scopes Monkey Trial); Madonna (singer, did not graduate); James Earl Jones (actor); Lucy Liu (actress); Larry Page (Google co-founder); Sid Meier (Computer game designer); Adam Schefter (ESPN contributor); Gerald Ford (US President); Theodore Kaczynski (Unabomber); Jack Kevorkian (Controversial Doctor); Barry Larkin (retired baseball player); Jalen Rose (former Indiana Pacer, ESPN contributor); Jim Harbaugh (former Indianapolis Colt, San Francisco 49ers head coach); Scott and Robert Rechsteiner (professional wrestlers, aka Scott and Rick Steiner)

Prediction: Indiana is without its original starter at QB, but has hopefully had enough time to get Zander Diamont somewhat comfortable running the show. Michigan is in an arguably better position at QB, but Devin Gardner has looked awfully shaky at times. So really, this is going to come down to exactly what you'd expect: Can Tevin Coleman carry the Hoosiers to a win that might actually let the national media talk about him and the Heisman in a context other than "It's a shame he doesn't have a chance because he plays for Indiana"? I figure, sure, why not? Not like we're actually making any sense this season anyway. IU 42-38

Next Week: We try to make it two in a row against Penn State.