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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 10

Week 10 is fast approaching. Thus, it is time to drink and be places.

It's hard to believe Week 10 is already upon us. Only a precious few weeks left in this 2014 college football campaign, so everyone is primed to make them count!

Fellow Off Tackle Emperors, where doth ye be and verily what shall ye be drinking?

Ray Ransom: I'll be enjoying kegs and eggs at the Rutgers-Wisconsin affair, in bucolic Piscataway, New Jersey. The trees are a magnificent fall rainbow, cool crisp mornings give way to warm afternoons, and grown men getting shnockered before 9 AM is socially acceptable practice. As is tradition, homecoming weekend at Rutgers features a cupcake opponent the Knights are sure to run over in dominating fashion. Thanks Jim Delaney, for making that happen...Thanks...Jim...Accordingly, there will likely be a significant amount of Yuengling consumed (great deals on kegs) as well as a non-insignificant amount of Bailey's (coffee needs cream, no?). In honor of our foe, we will probably eat a whole lotta cheese because mmmm...cheeeese.

To kick off the conversation, Graham asked "This leads me into a whole discussion, and I believe there should be a poll question: Yuengling: Awesome or Terrible? I say awesome." to which I replied by leaving a dogfish head in his bed.

Aaron Yorke: I plan to be in New York City for the early Penn State kickoff. Yuengling will be the beer of choice, and hopefully we will dine on turtle soup later in the day. If Penn State puts forth another inspired effort, the result should be better this time around.

GoAUpher: Bye week and I will probably try to be productive with it and not watch ALL OF THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL. As I do tasks around the home I will drink Yuengling, which gives my my chance to weigh in on the "Yuengling, good or bad?" debate.

Yuengling is good, but often overrated IMO. It's good for what it is, but it is not a great beer or the bestest beer or any other high praise. It's the Grainbelt of the East. A good, relatively inexpensive beer that should replace any Bud or Miller swill as your go-to "cheap" beer. I think people in the traditional B1G footprint often elevate it to be so much more than that because it's hard to come by for many.

Mike Jones: I've never had it but if it's "The Grainbelt of the East" I'll just assume it's fucking terrible because Grainbelt is fucking terrible.

Editor's Note: At this point, things got a little out of hand. HATE WEEK was announced early. Asses were threatened to be kicked. All caps were used in abundance. Someone was called fat. Someone was propositioned.

Green Akers: The bye week came at a perfect time. Friday night I'll be in Lansing/East Lansing to romp for Halloween, then Saturday I'll be at Huckfest, an all-day Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Grand Rapids wherein most of the teams dress in Halloween costumes. My team is going as Disney villains, and I will be Hades because I didn't learn last year that robe-based costumes are a stupid idea for athletic competition. Following the tournament, my team and I will decamp in Grand Rapids and most likely get turnt up in our sweat-ruined costumes. Assuming I survive, I pledge to drop in on the late thread and continue the great Mike Jones moderating tradition.

What will I be drinking? What won't I be drinking, would be the simpler question.

Candystripes for Breakfast: I must abstain (courteously) from the Yuengling discussion for fairly obvious reasons.

As for the "real" topic at hand, I shall be at my usual spot (home, in front of my computer) for most of the IU-Michigan game (in which I expect large amounts of #BigHouseMagic, because why would a Big Ten crew ever give IU a break?), though since I'm meeting relatives for dinner, I don't know if I'll be around for the end of the game (which may be a good thing, or a bad thing [probably the second]). My drink of choice will be Wild Cherry Pepsi this week, as the Vanilla Coke supply at home ran out, and Cherry Pepsi was cheaper this time. /JoeyBosa.emoji

C.E. Bell: I'm leaving B1G country for this weekend's Northwestern trip to Iowa City.  Instead, I'll be in Florida, to attend my high school best friend's wedding in Sarasota, Florida.  Festivities kickoff in Tampa on Thursday night once my flight gets in for some bachelor party hijinks (I'm predicting Ybor City, maybe the Hard Rock Casino, and yes, perhaps a trip to the infamous Mons Venus). Friday will be pool/beach time until cocktail hour as part of the wedding, where I will reunite with my high school friends (many of whom I haven't seen for 5-6 years).  Saturday, I'm hoping to hang out with my little brother and his friends (mainly FSU fans, so they'll be feeling persecuted) and watch the NU-Iowa game at a bar, before heading to the wedding that night.

As for drinks? Count on me drinking good red wine (my buddy's dad is South African, so I'm expecting some excellent Pinotage at the reception) and maybe a bourbon or two.....

And I vote yay on Yuengling. It's a fine, everyday beer to replace Bud/Miller/Coors, as noted above.  But even so, I'm still reaching for Bell's Brewery everyday over Yuengling, even if both are available.

MNWildcat: I'll be in Iowa City this week, tailgating with a Northwestern friend (PUREWildcat) and several Iowa friends, both from here on OTE and over at BHGP. Beers will be consumed en masse. Likely some cheap shit, as that's when I feel most at home, to shotgun and enjoy during several games of BOOM. Possibly a little of the New Glarus or MobCraft I'm bringing down, hopefully some Toppling Goliath, and Fitz knows what else.

Don't worry, all, I'll make sure to throw things at Mike Jones if and when I see him. And who knows, I might even get a beer with Hawkeye Elvis...

Mike Jones: I'll be in Iowa City. There will be no pants.

MNWildcat: I don't think I want to have a beer with Mike anymore.

GoForThree: On my couch, all day, watching football. I'll also be crafting a lengthy essay about why societies choose to pursue total war over limited war, and vice versa, using the historical context of dynastic wars, the Napoleonic wars, and western war through the early 20th century. I'm sure you're all dying to come join, but the sofa is only so big so get here early and bring your Prussian spiked helmet and needle gun for effect. Speaking of which, if you're going to spend a Saturday watching Illinois display ineptitude reminiscent of the Prussians at Jena-Auerstaedt in 1806, the beverage might as well accord with the subject matter. To that end, I'll be enjoying something of the German variety that takes itself for more seriously than it has any right to. Warsteiner, perhaps? Certainly not Hoegaarden. Wernesgruner, perhaps, if the Class Six has any on hand. That's always the limiting factor. Recommendations always appreciated.

Brian Gillis: I'll be in San Francisco amid the burning couches and drunken revelers, wondering what will go wrong next in Ann Arbor. Have I said that before? Well, it’s been that kind of year.

Jesse Collins: I'll be back at home to watch Nebraska hopefully avoid Purdue Harbor. Since it's supposed to still be nice this weekend, I'm going to fire up the smoker one more time and get a pork butt and some peppers going early. I might even throw a rack of ribs in there for good measure. I will most likely be drinking coffee at the beginning because it will be cold out still and I'll need to start early.

DJ Carver: Comcast installed; woooo have BTN now.  I'll be moving all weekend, drinking some dogfish and watching the games.  Get fucked James Franklin

Now there's something we can all agree on. Well, except Aaron, but he can get fucked too.

So, that's us! Drinking anything interesting? Going anywhere cool? Wearing anything awesome and/or wildly inappropriate for All Hallows Eve? Let us know in the comments!