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Picks or GTFO: OTE Staff Calls Week 10

In this article we pick games.

"First to ten wins?" "Sure."
"First to ten wins?" "Sure."
Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern at Iowa (-4) || 11am, BTN || O/U: 42 lolololololololol

SU: Iowa, 6-3 || ATS: Northwestern, 5-4 || O/U: U, 3-2

DJ Carver: Iowa to cover
Graham Filler: ATS leader right hereeeeeeeeee... Iowa, cover
Andrew Kraszewski: Northwestern straight up and, yeah, the under on this one. /Wizgerald'd
Jesse Collins: While I think Northwestern actually seems like a good matchup, this game is at Kinnick and I just don't know if that NW offense can score enough points on the road to do anything about Iowa not scoring points. I'll take the under on this game as well. Iowa, 17-10
Aaron Yorke: I like both of these teams just about the same, so I'll go with the better coach. 'Cats win 20-17
Mike Jones: I've pretty much been perfect with Iowa this year aside from the Iowa State game, so uh...Iowa wins but doesn't cover.
C.E. Bell: Iowa, but NU covers. Fitz is terrible coming off a bye. 24-23, Iowa.
GoForThree: Northwestern at Iowa. I like Iowa at home. I have no logical basis for this, whatsoever. Ferentz wins and covers, 27-21.
MNWildcat: This is stupid. I'm going to drive down there to see a loss?! No. Fuck that. Northwestern, 20-17.

Maryland at Penn State (-3.5) || 11am, ESPN2 || O/U: 47.5

SU: Maryland, 6-3 || ATS: Maryland, 6-3 || O/U: U, 4-1

DJ: Maryland
GF: Maryland wins
AK: PSU covers, under.
JC: I think Maryland is the better team right now, and even though PSU showed more than a pulse last weekend against Ohio State, I think Maryland does just enough to score the upset. I'm taking the under, though, because Penn State's defense is still legit and Penn State's offense isn't. Maryland, 23-17
AY: Penn State played much better than Maryland last week, which means nothing, but... Lions win 17-10
MJ: Penn State covers.
CEB: Maryland wins, Franklin sulks since it is the team that bypassed him. Terps 31-21.
GFT: Maryland manages to do what Ohio State couldn't, which is to make the PSU offense look as moribund as it actually is. Heroes on the half-shell win outright.
MNW: 35-2-1. Terps, 24-20.

Wisconsin (-11) at Rutgers || 11am, ESPN || No O/U, apparently

SU: Wisconsin, 9-0 || ATS: Wisconsin, 9-0 || O/U: lolok

DJ: Wisconsin, blowout
GF: Wisconsin wins, covers
AK: Bucky covers by a lot
JC: Wisconsin covers: Mostly because I watched Rutgers live and they take some of the worst angles at RBs you can imagine. Not Illinois bad, mind you, but still bad. Gordon is another great back and he should be able to do to Rutgers what Abdullah did to Rutgers more or less.
AY: Brutal schedule for Rutgers. Let's see more of what Stave can do and maybe we'll have a contender out west. Badgers win 38-17
MJ: Wisconsin covers. #Buttgers
CEB: Wisconsin wins huge. Badgers 49-7.
GFT: That's sad. Wisconsin wins handily and covers. If Rutgers couldn't stop Zeke Elliot (6 yards per carry) and J.T. Barrett (15 yards per carry) they sure aren't going to stop Melvin Gordon. Wisconsin wins and covers easily.
MNW: Stay home, Rutgers. Madison on gameday isn't worth it. Badgers, 41-17.

Purdue at #15 Nebraska (-23.5) || 2:30pm, ABC/ESPN2 || O/U: 61.5

SU: Nebraska, 9-0 || ATS: Purdue, 7-2 || O/U: O, 3-2

DJ: Nebraska, Purdue covers
GF: Nebraska, Purdue covers
AK: Big Red wins, I'll take the points and the over
JC: Nebraska wins, but doesn't cover: I don't know. I expected Nebraska to cover last weekend, and before the line moved on Friday, I was technically right. I don't like the line here at all. Purdue will have some interesting things to throw at Nebraska off BYE and Nebraska will oblige by looking confused for about ten minutes of gametime before remembering they can just out-athlete Purdue. Abdullah will get his this week again, though. I think something like last week 45-24, Nebraska wins, Purdue covers against the second string, and the Over happens.
AY: Keep rolling with the new respectable Purdue! Huskers win 31-24
MJ: Nebraska wins but doesn't cover. So they only win by 21. Sorry, Herbie.
CEB: Nebraska wins big. Abdullah is far better than what Purdue has yet seen. Huskers 37-10.
GFT: Purdue Harbor? Nah. But a better game than it looked like it would be a month ago. Abdullah gonna Abdullah. Armstrong will be...present for duty. Nebraska wins, but doesn't cover.
MNW: Abdullah rushes for three more touchdowns, sinks on the ESPN Heisman Watch List. Big Red, 45-20.

Indiana at Michigan (-7) || 2:30pm, BTN || O/U: 53

SU: Michigan, 6-3 || ATS: Indiana, 6-3 || O/U: U, 3-2

DJ: Indiana for the upset
GF: Michigan wins, Indiana covers
AK: I will oh-so-hesitantly take Michigan, the points, and the under
JC: I still contend Michigan should be better than they are. Whatever. Loser of this game will be considered worst in the Big Ten, which is weird considering what I thought of this game before the season. Hoosiers do to Michigan what they did to Penn State last year. Coleman gets 150 and 2 TDs. Indiana wins 35-17 just hitting the under.
AY: Line should be closer to three, but Michigan is still a better team. Wolverines win 27-24
MJ: Michigan wins big. Indiana can't play defense. Oh, what's that? Kevin Wilson coaches Indiana? Sorry. I meant: Indiana could never play defense.
CEB: I will take Indiana, but only because I think Kevin Wilson pulls out an awesome game plan, which mainly consists of running Tevin Coleman (psssss...he might be the best NFL prospect out of all the excellent B1G backs) right over the Wolverines. Hoosiers 42-UM 34.
GFT: Without Sudfeld, Michigan will put Indiana away easily, and Brady Hoke will once again proclaim that this team can win the championship. Michigan wins, covers, looks mildly competent on offense.
MNW: I am selling on Michigan. Sell, sell, sell. ... Wait, I've received word they're playing Indiana. Last one to score wins? Good. Michigan, 42-38.

Illinois at #16 Ohio State (-28.5) || 7pm, ABC || O/U: 65

SU: OSU, 9-0 || ATS: Illinois, 5-4 || O/U: U, 3-2

DJ: OSU to cover
GF: OSU wins, Illinois covers
AK: OSU to win, points, and over
JC: Illinois seemed to play the right opponent to show they were making strides. Minnesota was playing with fire for a while and it finally got to them. Ohio State will most likely take out their frustration of the Penn State game on an outmatched opponent, ESPN will talk up the OSU-MSU game as a play-in to the playoff game, and JTB (is that what we're calling him? Because that's what I'm callign him) goes off in a big way against a defense that is still only okay. 48-20 with Ohio State securing the Over.
AY: I like turtles! Riley O'Toole hangs enough points on the OSU secondary to beat the spread. Buckeyes win 42-24
MJ: Ohio State wins but doesn't cover. I believe in miracles. Do it, Illinois.
CEB: Ohio State is far too good to get Beckman'd. They roll by 5 TDs, minimum. Buckeyes 51-10.
GFT: The Illibuck is the one trophy that should be retired. For one, everybody gets a turtle trophy by beating Maryland (except Iowa. Sorry, Mike). Secondly, it's probably the least competitive. Do they even bother to dust the trophy off for the game? Ohio State wins, but doesn't cover, as J.T.'s injury forces Tom Herman to actually think beyond "I'm scared and confused, run Barrett til he dies." History has shown that's not his strong suit.
MNW: Illibuck week! I wish they would bring back the smoking of the peace pipe at midfield. That would make this game more tolerable. Buckeyes, 48-14.