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Week 6 Opening B1G Gamethread

Join us to discuss the B1G Slate for the day (and the one non-con)

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Good morning! Today we have an almost full conference slate on our hands except for one game, so we'll finally start seeing how teams are stacking up against each other.  We have some sneaky good games this weekend, and a litmus test as well for Maryland as they take on Ohio State in their first ever B1G home game.  With only six games on tap for the day, I'll go ahead and give all the viewing details here and leave the overflow threads to get right to their point.


Purdue at Illinois || 12:00pm EDT || ESPN2/WatchESPN

I'm not even sure what to think about this game. If Illinois is clicking on offense, which is generally the case by the 3rd quarter, I'm not sure how the shaky Purdue defense is going to stop them. Does Purdue play like they did against the MAC or how they did against Notre Dame? It could be an interesting game.

Ohio State at Maryland || 12:00pm EDT || ABC

Maryland hosts Ohio State in their first ever B1G home game. This game is going to put one of the better passing teams in the B1G against the shaky OSU secondary, but the question is going to be whether or not the MD Offensive Line can give whoever starts at QB a chance to throw. If they do, this could be a closer game than many think.

North Texas at Indiana || 2:30pm EDT || BTN

The only cupcake game of the day features North Texas traveling to Indiana for an early afternoon matchup. Look for Indiana to bounce back after their loss last weekend to tune up their play before entering full time conference play.

Wisconsin at Northwestern || 3:30pm EDT ||ESPN2/WatchESPN

Northwestern is fresh off of their upset win over Penn State and looking for more. In a matchup of strength vs strength, the Wisconsin rushing attack will try to impose their will against the stout Northwestern rushing defense.

Michigan at Rutgers || 7:00pm EDT || BTN

In the pre-season, this was a matchup that Rutgers fans were looking forward to as their first game under the lights in the B1G. After this week, I think many of us expect Rutgers to win over the dumpster fire that is Michigan after last weekend's debacle. Look for Hoke to try to fire his guys up to quiet the national media after they've been under scrutiny all week while Rutgers is looking for its first conference win.

Nebraska at Michigan State || 8:00pm EDT || ABC

In the prime time slot for the night, Nebraska travels to East Lansing to take on Michigan State in a battle of the top teams in each B1G division. In another matchup of strength's, Nebraska's Ameer Abdullah will try to impose his will against the stout Michigan State defense.


There you have it.  The normal rules apply:  No illegal game feeds, no porn, keep it civil, etc.  I'll be at the Maryland game, hoping we can shock the B1G and take down Ohio State.  See you all tonight in one of the overflow threads!