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Players of the Week

Behold the vastness of imperial talent.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

RB Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin

We just need to copy and paste a block of text for this young man. 205 244 all-purpose yards. I'd describe what he did to the Purdue defense, but you've seen it all before. The speed. The agility. The jump-cut. The stutter step. The polite interview after the game. The kid's going places, which makes 13 of 14 teams in the league very happy.

Did I mention he hurdles?


S Landon Feichter, Purdue

Feichter, a former walk-on, has become a turnover machine at the safety position for Purdue. He kept Purdue in the game almost single-handedly in the second half against Wisconsin. He forced and recovered a fumble that led to a field goal, pulled Melvin Gordon out of the air on a fourth down deep in Boiler territory, and then intercepted a pass, all in the second half. Although this article is only supposed to reward play from this past Saturday, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Feichter had two interceptions last week against Nebraska.

TE Maxx Williams, Minnesota

What's more B1G than a huge TE going hard in the paint for 5 receptions in one game? Three of those receptions resulting in TDs. Little argument can be made that he wasn't an unstoppable force for which Iowa had no answer. Of his two catches that didn't net 6 points apiece, one was a sideline snag so unbelievable it was ruled incomplete and had to be overturned on review. Fortunately, that meant there were plenty of good angles to show on the TFFL Top 5 plays of the day.

The OSU Offense: La-Dee Da-Dee Everybody

A tour de force by what appears to be the B1G's most potent unit, and possibly one of the best in the country. J.T. Barrett's performance has soaked up nearly every available superlative in the CFB atmosphere this week, but there's plenty of credit to go around. Ezekiel Elliot barreled his way through the vaunted Sparty front for 154 yards. Devin Smith snagged 129 yards out of the sky, and Michael Thomas's 79-yard backbreaker erased OSU's last deficit of the evening. All told, the Buckeye defense walked into Spartan stadium, looked a very good, very well-coached defense in the eye, and socked them right in the teeth.

QB Mitch Leidner, Minnesota

The peanut butter to Maxx WIlliams' jelly. The butter to David Cobb's bread. For a guy who's been maligned as a ho-hum signal caller at times, his 10-for-13 performance for four TDs through the air is a nice punctuation mark. Just as impressive, he outran David Cobb by one yard on the ground, adding 75 to Gophers' rushing total

RB Jeremy Langford, Michigan State

Sure, you've heard all about the Ohio State offense. Our eyes are drawn to shiny objects. Don't overlook Langford, though. MSU's stud bull was one of the few things that worked consistently for the Spartan offense throughout the evening. His 137 yards kept drives moving and his 3 TDs put vital points on the board to keep MSU in the game.


DT Michael Bennett, Ohio State

Everyone expected Joey Bosa to be a force on the field, including Pat Narduzzi. The MSU offense cooked up a myriad of schemes to negate Bosa's presence, most of which worked. But in this sport you have to rob Peter to pay Paul, and the result was that Michael Bennett was free to roam, and roam he did. The big man nabbed 4 solo tackle credits (two TFLs), a sack, and a forced fumble. He's also worth following on twitter, because he's hilarious.


Indiana's Kick Blocking Unit.

In a game fraught with boredom and punctuated by moments of middling competence, the kick-blocking unit was a glimmer of hope for the Hoosiers, keeping points off the board in a game where every point clearly mattered. The weakness of this pick tells you everything you need to know about special teams in the B1G this week, and more than you wanted to know about this game.

Did we get any wrong? Miss anybody? (Of course we did...we don't even watch the games!) Let us know.