B1G ATS Week 12

The East was decided last week, and OSU has locked up it's spot in Indy (sorry Minny, Indy, and Bitchagin, you aren't beating da Bucks) and looks for tUrbz's first B1G title and a playoff slot. The West will be decided in MadTown Saturday (this ought to go swimmingly). Here we go:

Temple at PSU -11, my pick: Temple; this just seems like too many points in a rivalry game

OSU -12 at Minnesota, my pick: Minnesota; Jerry Kill is having SleepNumber beds installed in OSU's hotel right now. I think OSU wins, but it's going to be pretty ugly and Minnesota will give them a fight in 8* weather. OSU by 8

Iowa -5.5 at Illinois, my pick: Iowa; Illinois should actually be a 41 point favorite here (transitive and shit), but that's not how it works. The Squawks "right the ship" in a 7 point win

Nebraska at Wisconsin -6, my pick: Wisconsin; the West rep in Indy will be decided here. Hmm, Nebraska on the road in a big spot, we've kinda sorta seen this before...

Indiana at Buttgers -7.5, my pick: Buttgers; Indiana just doesn't have anything left in the tank offensively, and Buttgers stacks the box against Tevin Coleman. This won't be pretty, yet we can all continue to LOL@Methzoo

Tarpwestern at Notre Dame -17.5, my pick: Notre Dame; if a team as shitty as Iowa can blow the Tarps' door off, Notre Dame certainly can as well

MAMU -12.5 at Maryland, my pick: MAMU; this is about the worst timing possible for Maryland to catch MAMU, as Sharty will be pissed and out for blood (literally, expect a few #Thugtan moments) and Dantonio will roll it up (no smiles however).

Good luck, and thanks for participating