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Picks or GTFO: OTE Staff Picks, Week 11

The exercise in futility continues!

Don't worry, man. Aaron thinks you'll beat Penn State.
Don't worry, man. Aaron thinks you'll beat Penn State.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State (-11) vs. Temple || 11am CST, ESPN2

Straight-Up: PSU, 7-1 || Against the Spread: Temple, 6-2

Aaron Yorke: Temple at Penn State: We're 21 games into the Christian Hackenberg era and... he kind of stinks. If he doesn't get better against Temple, Lions could miss out on a bowl. Temple wins 16-13

Jesse Collins: Penn State wins: Temple covers unfortunately, but that's more an indictment on my belief - lack thereof - in PSU scoring enough to cover. This seems like an awful 13-6 game, where the defense scores the TD. I think Penn State is better than Temple, but not by that much. Also, why is this game on ESPN2?

Graham Filler: PSU, Temple w/points

DJ Carver: Penn State, Temple covers

Mike Jones: I feel like Temple always plays Penn State tough, they beat ECU and I'm not sure Penn State is all that good. Despite that, give me Penn State to win but Temple to cover.

Andrew Kraszewski: Temple @ Penn State: Nits, you've lost to Maryland for the second time in history. Last year Indiana tagged you for the first time ever. You're not really going to let Temple turn the tables on you, too, are you? Win. Cover. Make us proud.

GoForThree: PSU wins, but I'll take Temple to cover the spread. Not out of malice, but because PSU is just that bad.

MNWildcat: Man, I'm so close to taking Temple, because that PSU-Indiana game was terribawfulholyshit. But I have a sliver of conference pride left. Nittany Lions, 22-10 on five Ficken FGs.

Iowa (-5.5) at Illinois || 11am, BTN

SU: Iowa, 8-0 || ATS: Iowa, 7-1

AY: Iowa at Illinois: After a big loss to Ohio State and a bye week, it's kind of tough to remember that Illinois isn't too far removed from beating Minnesota. Iowa squeaks by, though. Iowa wins 23-20

JC: Iowa wins: Illinois - minus a flukey win against Minnesota - has still looked like a not-so-good team. Iowa, at times, has looked like an okay team. This is especially true against the not-so-good teams. What I'm getting at here is that Illinois is still Illinois and Iowa is going to take out some frustrations. Iowa takes the game 31-21

GF: Iowa, covers

DJ: Iowa covers

MJ: Iowa rolls to a crushing 7 point victory over Illinois.

AK: The most Ferentzian ending to this season I can think of would be for Iowa to lose this game and then beat Wisconsin and Nebraska. But other than that one bizarre Minnesota game, Illinois hasn't really shown they can hang with superior competition. Give me Iowa to cover.

GF3: Iowa, come on. Make us...proud? Less spiteful toward Ferentz? Something. Hawkeyes win, cover.

MNW: Mike said it so much better than I could. Iowa, 27-20.

#8 Ohio State (-12.5) at #25 Minnesota || 11am, ABC

SU: OSU, 7-1 || ATS: 4-4 split

AY: Ohio State at Minnesota: Turns out only the mighty Penn State defense can stop Ohio State. Hopefully we find an offense before everyone graduates. Ohio State wins 42-24

JC: Ohio State wins: They win, probably cover, but don't hit the over (whatever it is) as both teams freeze to death for the better part of 3 hours. Sure, we're northern teams, but that doesn't mean we can't get cold. Minnesota, put your hand down. Cold is cold. Ohio State wins 32-17

GF: OSU, covers

DJ: OSU covers

AK: Now we get to see how far Minnesota has really come. I'll wager they show us enough for the committee to dump on Ohio State, but not enough to pull the upset. OSU to win but give me the points.

MJ:  I like Ohio State but I don't know if I like them as a double digit favorite. I do have to scoff at how much is being made of the weather forecast for this game, though. OHIO STATE IS IN OHIO. IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S AN SEC TEAM. THEY CAN PLAY IN COLD WEATHER. Give me Ohio State to win but Minnesota to cover.

GF3: I'll take the points in this frigid affair. I'll be in the Dairy Queen club, watching both team freeze their tuchuses off in the lovely Minnesota weather. The Gophers had trouble matching up with every offense that runs something approaching a spread concept, but the weather keeps things conservative for the Buckeyes. Bucks win, Goophers cover.

MNW: The Gophering was put on delay last weekend. I don't know what to do anymore. Minnesota, 27-21.

Northwestern at #15 Notre Dame (-17.5) || 2:30pm, NBC

SU: Notre Dame, 8-0 || ATS: Notre Dame, 6-2

AY: Northwestern at Notre Dame: Notre Dame isn't so scary anymore! The Wildcat defense keeps them in this one. Notre Dame wins 24-17

JC: Notre Dame wins: They win, cover, and generally make Northwestern look like a bad team... mostly because Northwestern is a bad team. Notre Dame wins 49-3

GF: ND, covers

DJ: Notre Dame covers

MJ: NSFL. Notre Dame covers.

AK: Nothing about Northwestern inspires confidence, but Everett Golson's had a serious performance hangover since the Florida State game. I think the Wildcats will keep it close. ND to win, points.

GF3: LOL. Do I really have to pick this? Let's say a NW victory will be Siemian not falling down on the game's most important play. Baby steps. ND covers.

MNW: I will black out by the -2nd quarter. That's about 1:45 EST for those of you keeping track at home. Irish, 42-6.

#11 Nebraska at #22 Wisconsin (-6.5) || 2:30pm, ABC

SU: Wisconsin, 6-2 || ATS: Nebraska, 5-3

AY: Nebraska at Wisconsin: Wisconsin has a quarterback now, and that makes them the favorite in the West. Wisconsin wins 31-21

JC: Wisconsin wins: Wins, probably covers, and makes me very sad. 24-17 Wisconsin

GF: Wisconsin, Nebraska covers

DJ: Wisconsin wins, Nebraska covers

MJ: With Abdullah's health in question and Nebraska being on the road I'll go with the Badgers to win...BUT I still think Nebraska covers.

AK:  Give me the Huskers for the upset here. Just a feeling that Abdullah has a hero game against a great defense.

GF3: Wisconsin has made hay against nobodies, but I haven't seen anything convincing out of them all season. A loss to a so-so LSU squad and some odd misfires against the Little Sisters of the Bereft leaves me feeling like Nebraska has a chance to show the league that they're the best in the west. Herbie Husker in the upset.

MNW: Man, AK and GF3 have almost instilled in me some confidence in Herbie. But shit, Wisconsin is rolling right now in a way that I don't want to get in the way of. If Matt Canada decides Joel Stave is a pocket passer, Nebraska wins. Matt Canada doesn't decide Joel Stave is a pocket passer. Badgers (ugh), 27-17.

Indiana at Rutgers (-8) || 2:30pm, BTN

SU: Rutgers, 6-2 || ATS: Indiana, 5-3

AY: Indiana at Rutgers: Zander Diamont can't throw, but Rutgers' poor run defense will make things interesting. Rutgers wins 27-20

JC: Rutgers wins: The Scarlet Knights get the win, but I think that the Hoosiers make this a little close for comfort. How about 28-24?

GF: Rutgers and the points

DJ: Indiana wins

MJ: LOLWHY? Give me some Buttgers to cover.

AK: Can't we just hit the sim button on this game so we don't have to watch it? Uhhhm. I'm going to conclude last week's puntfest with Penn State was more a function of PSU's own horribad offense than any lights coming on for the Hoosier defense, so I'll take Rutgers to cover with Nova coming back, unless one of your mobster fans kills him first.

GF3: I'll take the Hoosiers. Tevin Coleman is due to put the team on his back in the absence of Sudfeld. Just don't let Zander Diamont arm-punt to the Knights all afternoon. Leave that to Nova. Hoosiers win.

MNW: Noooooooooooope. RU Rah Rah, 21-10.

#12 Michigan State (-12.5) at Maryland || 7pm, BTN

SU: MSU, 8-0 || ATS: MSU, 7-1

AY: Michigan State at Maryland: After being shredded by J.T. Barrett, Sparty defense eats up C.J. Brown. Initials are not always the answer, although I think C.J. Hackenberg would make a better quarterback for some reason. MSU wins 31-13

JC: Michigan State wins: They also cover. Maryland gets the bounceback game for an angry Spartans team who literally can only play angry. Maryland, thinking that handshaking - or not handshaking - is a magical cure for winning, which leads Dantonio to dropping 56 points on the Terps. 56-10 MSU.

GF: MSU and the points

DJ: MSU covers by a lot, this line is way too low

MJ: Sparty bounces back big and covers.

AK: Dantonio's nothing if not an excellent motivator. Last week was a letdown, to be sure, but shooting for 10 wins for the 4th time in 5 seasons is a sellable proposition. Also, no Diggs for Maryland. That's a big line but I'll take MSU to cover it.

GF3:  It's always fun to see big stars play in small, intimate venues with thin crowds. Sparty avenges, covers.

MNW: Sure, Sparty. I really don't care. MSU, 38-13.


Last but not least, standings!  I've taken a bit of a hiatus on these with the move and being busy at work, but here are the updated standings:


Head to Head Standings Against The Spread Standings
Rank Picker H2H Rank Picker ATS
1 Mike 80.43% 1 Graham 60.38%
2 MNW 77.59% 2 Jesse 52.54%
3 C.E. Bell 77.27% 3 DJ Carver 50.85%
4 Jesse 76.27% 4 Mike 50.00%
4 DJ Carver 76.27% 5 Andrew 49.15%
5 Graham 75.47% 6 GF3 48.84%
6 babaoreally 75.00% 7 MNW 46.55%
7 Andrew 74.58% 8 Aaron Y 45.76%
7 Aaron Y 74.58% 9 KC_H 42.86%
8 GF3 69.77% 10 C.E. Bell 40.91%
9 KC_H 64.29% 11 Ray Ransom 32.26%
10 Ray Ransom 58.06% 12 babaoreally 31.25%

Mike takes the lead on straight up picks, and Graham widens the gap on ATS.  I think we give Ray last since he stopped picking, what do you all think?


Leave your picks, folks!  The commentary has their own ATS picks going here, and the standings are here.  Anyone want to compare?