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These are seriously my favorite things ever. Match the #BOLDPREDICTION to the writer, and leave your own in the comments!

Answer bank: MNWildcat, Andrew Kraszewski, babaoreally, Candystripes for Breakfast, GoForThree, Aaron Yorke, Jesse Collins


Iowa wins regular season title.
D.J. Newbill named to All B1G first team
Ohio State lands in the NIT
Tom Crean does not get fired.


-Indiana wins the B1G
-OSU three key players to injury
-Michigan starts three kids named "Smith" in one game
-I don't follow basketball and it shows
-My basketball writing will be rough


- Rutgers claims a big scalp at home. All 30 students at the RAC rush the court.
- Matt Painter is packing his bags in March.
- Illinois makes the dance with a losing B1G record.
- Vic Law wins B1G FotY. Northwestern makes the NIT.
- Iowa wins the BTT.
- Maryland gets fined for starting a "Fuck you" chant when UVA comes to town.
- 9 B1G teams make the Dance, 3 make the NIT. Rutgers gets their macaroni art put up on Jim Delany's fridge.
- Nebraska loses at least 3 games at home.
- Another Northwestern fan is spotted reading a book by a BTN telecast. And my #BOLDPREDICTION is that it's Proust.
- MSU: Final Four participants
- OSU: Out in round 1...again.


-The B1G will lose the Challenge to the ACC thanks to Maryland blowing a 10-point halftime lead #saboteurs
-Wisconsin, OSU, and Nebraska will all run the table in the non-con
-IU will drop 5 non-conference games
-Rutgers' first conference game against Northwestern will fail to reach 70 total points scored
-D'Angelo Russell, Kameron Chatman, and Marvin Clark will all make at least 3rd team All-Conference
-Alex Olah averages more points and rebounds per game in conference play than Adam Woodbury or AJ Hammons
-Terran Petteway will lead the conference in scoring but not be 1st Team All-B1G
-Tom Crean will be fired after IU starts 1-7 in the B1G...and replaced in the offseason with Shaka Smart
-B1G in the Dance: Wisco, MSU, OSU, UM, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Maryland
-B1G in the NIT: Illinois- and they make the final
-B1G in the CBIDon'tCare: Purdue


-Illinois starts out with an almost clean sheet in non-con and gets ranked as high as 15 after a toppling of Villanova. They finish in the bottom five.
-Indiana will have an interim head coach this season.
-Big Ten sends three teams to the Elite 8, two to the Final Four, and none to the National Championship game.
-Iowa is one of those teams in the Elite 8
-Nebraska has a clean sheet at home until being upended by Maryland on the last week of the season
-Pitino the Junior beats Pitino the Senior to open the season
-Northwestern goes to the postseason. It's the NIT of course, but it's a start.
-Penn State also makes the NIT. Their friend Illinois joins them.
-MSU wins the B1G
-Iowa, Maryland, UM, MSU, Minny, Nebraska, OSU, and Wisconsin go to the tournament, Purdue, Indiana, and Illinois stay home and ask why we invited Nebraska and Maryland anyways, and Rutgers literally gets a participation trophy because YOU GUYS TRIED SO HARD
-The most egregious example of court storming happens during the Indiana/Northwestern game when Northwestern fans notice their team beat Indiana and go crazy. Unfortunately, that will be Indiana's 12th loss in conference.


-Tom Izzo will complain to the refs and my mom will call him a whiner.
-John Croce will sing "Time in a Bottle" during halftime of a game as a tribute to his father Jim.
-Minnesota will launch an anti-narcotic campaign with their head coach as the spokesman. The name of the campaign will be "PitiNO to drugs".
-Bo Ryan will finally admit that he is Rex and Rob Ryan's dad.
-Rutgers will play all of their home games in something that looks like a nice high school gym
-So will Northwestern.
-IU freshman James Blackmon will be the Freshman of the Year.
-IU will get beat in the first round of the tournament. Crean will sneak into the stadium in which they lost later that night after all of the games are over and cut down the nets.
-Someone on TV might mention that Crean is married to the Harbaugh sister.
-7'2" Purdue freshman Isaac Haas will get his head caught in the net at some point.


- Indiana finishes in the top half of the conference, and grabs a single digit seed in the NCAAs.
- Rutgers will win 3 conference games, all on the 3rd day of the month they are played in.
- "MiLLLLLLLes" will become Nebraska's new OTE meme. (Your Mileage may vary).
- Northwestern will be invited to play in the postseason.... assuming they don't mind the CBI.
- The Big Ten's most hated rivals will finish right next to each other in the final conference standings. Those teams are, of course, 9th place Iowa and 10th place Purdue.
- Maryland basketball will place higher in the final conference standings than Maryland football.
- One of Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin will win the conference outright. One of them will also finish in the bottom half of the conference.
- No Big Ten team will make it to 2015 undefeated.
- One state will have an entirely new set of B1G basketball head coaches when next season begins. That state will be Illinois.