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Big Ten Drum Roll...Call

Apparently drum lines are a thing in the Big Ten.

Random Confession Time: I have a weak spot for two types of internet videos:

1. Glacier Calving - Something about watching massive walls of ice and water thrashing around to reveal the bluest ice you could ever imagine, exposed to air for the first time in millennia...Mind blowing.

2. Drum Lines - Pretty much equally mind blowing. Between the arrangement, the performance skill, the energy, the competitiveness and the good sportsmanship, drum line showdowns make pretty much the best internet videos ever. For example, this one that took place between the Indiana and Rutgers drum lines at the contest of footballs this weekend!

Word on the street is that Indiana's music department is among the best of the best, so I'm happy the Broadway Boys from Rutgers were able to keep up. Gotta love the inter-team jam at the end.

This is one of the great things about being in the Big Ten. It's not just putting a first class football product on the field. It's about enjoying a well-rounded academic, athletic, musical, social and cultural community. The Big East/AAC had its fine traditions, but we new folks truly appreciate the pageantry, camaraderie and all-in awesomeness of the Big Ten.

So, I have a feeling there are a few other videos like this lurking around. Got something better that you'd like to share with the OTE community? Think the Indie/RU bands weren't up to par? Bring it son!

Let's see a collection of sweet drum line (or band or whatever...I don't feel like working right now) videos in the comments. Game on!