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OTE's Melvin Gordon of the Week!

Seriously. Dude. What.

Dude's really damn good.
Dude's really damn good.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

OPOTW: Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin

25 carries, 408 motherfucking yards, 4 TDs, 16.3 YPC LOL

@oracle gif me Heisman

Gordon may not yet be the top contender for the Heisman Trophy, but he punched his ticket to the presentation with his video game performance on Saturday. His hype train now has the most momentum, he now has his "Heisman moment(s)," and he still has a chance at breaking a Barry Sanders single season rushing record that only months ago had ESPN wondering aloud about its immortality. Give that man some hardware. I've experienced game atmospheres that rivalry Saturday's Camp Randall evening, but never that much electricity for one individual. Having a whole stadium audibly demand someone get the ball, giving it to him, and scoring a touchdown on the play anyway...just phenomenal.

Beer of the Week: We'll go with Miller Lite, because it's homegrown, quantity-friendly, and if you were hoping to see something else it's very disappointing.

Melvin Gordon rating: 5 Melvin Gordons out of 5 Melvin Gordons

--MC ClapYoHandz

DPOTW: Christian Campbell and Grant Haley, Penn State

Campbell: Three solo tackles, one interception, one pass broken up

Haley: One interception, one touchdown

When things aren't going well for the Nittany Lions, Penn State fans like myself love to remind you about how sanctions and lack of depth are controlling our quarterback's mind and forcing him to make awful throws except against Ohio State when he's awesome. Anyway, even though the offensive side is the part of the team where the depth problem is most apparent, there are issues on defense as well that are usually covered up by Anthony Zettel terrorizing offensive lines. The secondary is quite thin beyond experienced starters like Jordan Lucas, Trevor Williams, and Adrian Amos.

That's why it was a pleasant surprise to see not one, but two true freshmen come up with interceptions during Penn State's crucial win over Temple. Should I celebrate the bowl game here, or will the fun police show up?

Campbell has proven himself to be a key part of future Penn State teams with his play on defense lately. Haley most plays special teams, but was able to pick off a pass on Saturday and take it to the end zone to put away the Owls for good. Penn State fans will look forward to continued greatness from these two in the future.

Beer of the Week: Yuengling Black and Tan because that's what I was drinking and Penn State clinched a bowl game with its second win in a row over a crimson enemy.

MGIII rating: 2.5 Melvin Gordons out of 5 Melvin Gordons

--Aaron Yorke

STPOTW: Jack Mitchell

31. 46. 45. 41. Jack Mitchell had never hit a field goal beyond 29 yards. Now he's a legend.

I wrote about the game here. That man should never have to buy a beer in Evanston again. Not too bad for an outfield and preferred walk-on.

BEER! I mean, nothing is more appropriate here than Revolution Brewery's Local Hero IPA. Hops grown in Michigan (Mitchell's from San Diego, but whatever), and a damn good beer.

MGIII rating: 3.5 Melvin Gordons out of 5 Melvin Gordons