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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 13

The season may be winding down, but there are still places to be and drinks to drink.

There's only two weeks left in the season, and that means that there are only two more opportunities to sit outside in the cold and watch B1G football. Let's see where everyone will be this week.

babaoreally: I'm going to wake up and drive a couple of hours to watch Purdue play football while most likely sitting in the rain. Since the Illinois game, the Boilers have looked okay, but there are a lot of injuries, and Northwestern just beat ND. So I give Purdue a 35% chance of pulling it out, which is very optimistic for me. Anyway, I will most likely have a beer or two in the patio and move on to bottomless Coke Zero. You can never have too many Purdue plastic cups at your house.

Aaron Yorke: Penn State is playing basketball in Charleston. One of my best friends lives in Charleston. You know what that means. In between rounds, I'll be watching the Penn State game at D.D. Peckers' Wing Shack while drinking whatever is good in Chuck Town. The weekend should be a nice dose of warmth before I head back north for the long, cold winter. But also Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the best.

Andrew Kraszewski: I'll make what's somehow already this year's last trip to East Lansing for Senior Day to watch what should be a @thrilling, evenly matched@ throwdown with the Jersey Knights. Hopefully the prospect of the Peach, Fiesta, or Cotton Bowl is enough to coax an A effort from MSU and this one is over by halftime.

The forecast is currently for a high of 39 with 50% chance of rain so that'll be a barrel of laughs. Nonetheless, a good friend of mine from college has just moved back to Michigan after finishing his enlistment with the Army, so the weather will be out of my mind as we welcome him back to the mitten. What we drink is largely up to him, but I'm surveying local liquor stores for available imperial stouts.

MNWildcat: Andrew, sing it with me (to the tune of Pitbull): "Let's chug some Dragon's Milk, let's chug some Dragon's Milk..."

I will be making my glorious and triumphant West Lafayette, Indiana. That's right, I scheduled a weekend to hang out with my high school buddy who's a Purdue PhD student right now, and we decided that getting drunk and watching bad football would be a part of it. I might take in a little bit of Breakfast Club, just for the scenery, then will tailgate with those NUMB friends brave enough to make the trip down. Cheap beer will be consumed, perhaps along with a little whiskey to warm the insides. Weather forecasts at 44 degrees and a 50% chance of rain mean there will be approximately 1000 fans left in attendance by the third quarter. I'll probably still be one of them.

DJ Carver: My wife is hosting some event at the that means me and the kids are going to my parents. While my mom plays with them I'll be watching the MD game in an unfortunately very sober manner. Edsall has hinted that CJ Brown finally has a short leash, so I'm wondering what it actually takes for him to get pulled in favor of our 3rd or 4th string QB. I'm personally hoping for Shane Cockerille to get in the game, but I'm guessing Perry Hills experience gets him the nod. Oh, drinking. Right. I think I'll most likely be on the C4B diet, but straight coca cola and not the vanilla kind.

Candystripes for Breakfast: Indiana is scheduled to be slaughtered, dismembered, and just plain destroyed this weekend, so if I wake up to watch that travesty, I'll be at home and on OTE trying not to entertain thoughts of burning down Columbus (and probably failing, at least a little bit). As usual, I will be drinking things that won't adequately make up for living through the rest of this season, but at least the basketball team looks somewhat promising at the moment, so it's not all terribad.

Brian Gillis: I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend, and Saturday I'll be at the LA Coliseum watching USC & UCLA play for the city championship. While USC may not have the stereotypical sprawling, wooded campus that many Big Ten and Midwestern schools have, the game-day experience at USC is top-notch. The entire campus is essentially one sun-soaked, tailgate party and the procession through campus to the Coliseum is always entertaining. With the weatherman calling for 68 and sunny and a share of the Pac-12 South lead at stake, it should be a great day - as long as UCLA doesn't show up in their battleship-gray unis.

GoForThree: I will not be on my couch. Instead, I will be seeing a new state and my first B1G game in which Ohio State is not a belligerent. The Imperial Council meeting shall commence, which is an overwrought way of saying I'll be meeting Jesse Collins in Lincoln for a swank Club Level experience. I will don my festive Golden Gophers sweatshirt and head north to the land of yellow corn and red jerseys. I assume we will enjoy some adult-type beverages prior to the game. 179 miles of coffee and CFB radio on the way. I will be ready for a tasty beverage with some bite to it.

GoAUpher: I'll be in Lincoln, NE. This is a weird game for me, because every Husker fan I know is really down and thinks Minnesota will win while I think a win a possible (even probable) but cannot yet be convinced to logically support such a conclusion. The homer part of me is jacked to make the Wisconsin game all about who goes to the Big Ten title game though.

Anyway, I'll be partaking in delicious bourbon (/waves at The Single Barrel) and beer (/waves at one of the many bars serving good beer) as well as making sure to hit the Watering Hole for grilled wings. With luck, those wings will be consumed in celebration of the first back to back Minnesota wins over Nebraska since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Jesse Collins:As previously noted, it seems like I will be going to Lincoln as well to meet up with these so called OTE "writers" and take in Nebraska's Senior Day. While Wisconsin burst the bubble that was optimism in Lincoln, I'm hoping that Senior Day + "Us against the world" = some sort of Herculean moment against the Gophers. I'm not sure which team shows up on Saturday, but I'll be cheering the good guys.

With that in mind, here's hoping it just isn't...

/Wisconsin scores again

Whatever... I still hate everything. Anyhow, if any other OTE types are going to the Nebraska game, hit me up via twitter (@jesseinomaha) or email (in my profile) and we'll try to catch up. Sounds like it's not going to be that bad on Saturday, which means it should be a great day for football.

Ray Ransom: Hey, remember 2004? It was a beautiful year, full of hope, optimism and great Scarlet Knights football. I recall one particularly sunny fall afternoon, I was drinking a Lager in New York City, watching the Red Team proudly declare "We Are Back" to the world by layin' a fine whoopin' was none other than the Michigan State Spartans, who we just so happen to be playing this weekend! I suppose in hindsight, it wasn't all that remarkable, given that Rutgers does have a winning record over the stately Michegonians (and the not-so-stately Michegonians for that matter...and all of the directional Michegonians actually...), but it was a great game nonetheless. As I revel in what will surely be another landmark Scarlet victory, I'll again enjoy the sweet nectar of Pottsville while romping around the house with my 4 year old. The only concern is that it might a little chilly for our post-game victory lap, but we shall tough it out friends, for dear old Rutgers.


Mike Jones: I'll be in the glorious Iowa City watching master game planner Kirk Ferentz upset the Wisconsin Badgers in a game that will absolutely shock the college football world. By that I mean that if Iowa wins it will get exactly 12 seconds on Sportscenter and that will be it. My good friend is coming in from Chicago and he'll be bringing a bunch of stuff from Half Acre (we don't get any of that good stuff) so we'll hopefully be drinking some Daisy Cutter. What's that? Melvin Gordon has ran for 605 yards on Iowa's defense? OH GOD MAKE THE BAD MAN STOP.