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Picks or GTFO, Week 13

Everybody's playing, everybody's picking! Well, not quite...

Here, have a punter picture. Happy Friday.
Here, have a punter picture. Happy Friday.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern (-1.5) at Purdue || 11am CST, ESPNU

Straight-Up: Northwestern, 5-4 || Against the Spread: Northwestern, 5-4

Andrew Kraszewski: If there's anything we've learned about Northwestern, it's that forming expectations about them is a silly thing to do. Fresh off of a revitalizing win that breathed new life into their season and hopes for a postseason, it would be a very Northwestern thing to then lose to an improved but still-inferior Purdue squad on the road. I'll take the Boilers in the upset.

Aaron Yorke: Yes, Purdue is sort of good now, but this line is still disrespectful to a Northwestern team that appears to have found itself offensively.NU wins 24-21

Graham Filler: Purdue and the points

MNWildcat: Northwestern's going to blow this. They just have to, right? Just because it'd be funnier if it were against Illinois, I'll say "Not this week." Purple Kitties, 23-10.

Jesse Collins: Let's go Northwestern. Why? Because I think Purdue is a year away from being the team we arbitrarily pick in these types of matchups. Also because Northwestern deserves a little credit after last Saturday. Wildcats win 17-14

Mike Jones: Northwestern covers.

DJ Carver: Purdue wins, because reasons.

Babaoreally: Northwestern to win and cover.

GoFor3: Purdue gets that tasty win over a Northwestern team that defies expectations in all the best and worst ways.

Penn State (-6.5) at Illinois || 11am, ESPN2

SU: PSU, 5-2 || ATS: Illinois, 4-3

AK: I'll take the points. PSU is nowhere near as menacing on the road; even against a team as hapless as Illinois, that's a big spread for a mediocre Penn State squad.

AY: I was happy to be wrong about Penn State last week. I'll be sad to be wrong about them this week. PSU wins 20-10

GF: Illinois wins

MNW: So. Tempted. It would be just the ultimate lol-fest if Northwestern-Illinois turned into a battle for bowl eligibility, wouldn't it? So why not! Fightin' Beckmans, 21-17.

JC: This game is stupid in so many ways. I don't think Illinois' offense scores points in this game. Then again, the same could generally be said about Penn State except Illinois, defense sucks so accidents are in play. Let's go with all the FGs beating one defensive score. Penn State 15-7.

MJ: Penn State wins, Illinois covers.

DJ: Penn State covers

GF3: [apparently abstains, courteously]

Babaoreally: [apparently also abstains, courteously...seriously, guys, let's all just take a second to laugh at the fact that two of our "writers" totally forgot to pick Illinois-PSU.]

Indiana at #6 Ohio State (-34.5) || 11am, BTN

SU: OSU, 9-0 || ATS: OSU, 5-4

AK: Indiana, just run the ball when the massive deficit starts to pile up. It'll make things easier for everybody. OSU to cover (gotta get them style points).

AY: It's more fun rooting for the Bucks to score points than it is rooting for Zander. OSU wins 56-10

GF: OSU, Indiana covers

MNW: Avert yo eyes. Buckeyes, 52-14.

JC: Ohio State will beat Indiana senseless in the first half giving Urban Meyer a chance to play the bench guys. Instead of doing so, Urbz continues to beat Indiana senseless in hopes the committee cares about such things. Ohio State wins 51-17

MJ: Ohio State wins and covers.

DJ: LOLIndiana, OSU covers

Babaoreally: OSU to win but not cover

GF3: I said it in the preview and stick with it. Buckeyes win but don't cover, 47-17.

#25 Minnesota at #23 Nebraska (-10.5) || 11am, ESPN

SU: Nebraska, 7-2 || ATS: Minnesota, 9-0

AK: I'll take the Gophers in the upset. The Gopher run game isn't at the same level as Wisconsin's, but does anything about Nebraska's last performance inspire confidence? I believe. I believe in PeLLLLini.

AY: Sure, the Ohio State game wasn't as close as it looked, but all we need is a backdoor cover from Goldy here, as well. UNL wins 31-27

GF: Nebby wins, Minnesota covers

MNW: Man...angry Huskers, or hungry Gophers? Let's see Bo Pelini coach for his survival...again. Minnesota's ground game, unless they bring out the Iowa game plan, can still play right into how Nebraska wants to stop you. If Minnesota beats Nebraska two years in a row, Lincoln might burn to the ground amid the fury of a hundred thousand egos. Huskers, 24-21.

JC: Can I excuse myself from picking this game? Because I hate everything still (seems to be a recurring phrase I'm typing). Anyhow, I'm going to say Nebraska wins at home because this is a classic, "Pelini hasn't lost the locker room," week where the part of the fanbase that sees no problems whatsoever - because their head is in the sand - says, "SEE! NEBRASKA IS AWESOME STILL AND I LOVE JOHN PAPOOOOOCHIS!" What was I talking about again? Oh yeah... Uh, Nebraska wins 31-21

MJ: Nebraska wins, Minnesota covers.

DJ: Nebraska wins, Minny covers.

Babaoreally: Nebraska to win but not cover

GF3: Minnesota, hats off to thee! I'll pick the Gophers to cover in my first trip to Nebraska. At least it won't be freezing and Jesse nabbed some baller tickets.

Rutgers at #11 Michigan State (-22.5) || 11am, BTN

SU: MSU, 9-0 || ATS: MSU, 8-1

AK: Hmm...spread's a tough call. Dantonio generally doesn't go for rub-it-in scores, and the weather's supposed to be nasty enough that I don't expect a good day from Connor Cook. I'll take the Spartans to cover, probably on the strength of the ground game.

AY:  The Knights haven't been covering against good teams. Michigan State is a good team. MSU wins 42-14

GF: MSU to cover

MNW: Gary Nova might die. Michigan State, 38-7.

JC: Michigan State wins by a lot. That's really all I got at this point. Rutgers fought the good fight early on, but this schedule has really taken its toll. Good job beating Indiana, but this game won't be nearly as fun for you. Michigan State wins 38-14

MJ: Michigan State wins and covers cause BUTT.

DJ: Michigan State covers

Babaoreally: Michigan State to win but not cover

GF3: No, really, Gary Nova might die. State by bunches. Covering easily, impressing no one. Because Rutgers.

#16 Wisconsin (-10) at Iowa || 2:30pm, ABC/ESPN2

SU: Wisconsin, 8-1 || ATS: Wisconsin, 6-3

AK: The Fightin' Melvin Gordons will Melvin Gordon their way over the non-Melvin Gordons. I'll take the Melvin Gordons to Melvin Gordon, I mean cover.

AY: Keep riding Wisconsin until someone stops them. Iowa will try to run the ball to control possession, but Badger defense too tough and Melvin Gordon is too Melvin Gordon. UW wins 38-16

GF: Wisky wins and covers

MNW: Iowa keeps this concerningly close for a while, putting 10 in the box and trying to play the field position game with the Badgers. But MGIII gon' get his. And Alex Erickson will probably get a really long white kid touchdown or something, too. It's nice that they include all 1 wide receivers at Madison.Badgers, 27-20.

JC: This game will be closer than the spread and I wouldn't be surprised to see Iowa even win the damn game. Why? Because that would be very Quadrangle like. At the beginning of the B1G slate, we said the West could end up with a two or three loss champion, but it was mostly because all the teams sucked. Now? Well, now we see teams that don't necessarily all totally suck, but aren't all that great and have little separation. What I'm trying to say is this game will be close and Wisconsin only wins by a score. 31-28


DJ: Wisconsin covers

Babaoreally: Wisconsin to win and cover

GF3: Badgers embarrass Ferentz, who shouts "Paycheck!" the way fans say "Scoreboard!"

Maryland at Michigan (-5) || 2:30pm, BTN

SU: Maryland, 6-3 || ATS: Maryland, 9-0

AK: Maryland has generally handled or at least competed with teams around their level, and lost to the good teams they've played. Michigan is at or around Maryland's level, setting up a week worth of reading crap articles about how Michigan might just have a chance to clinch a bowl by knocking off OSU because It's The Game and Crazy Things Happen In The Game. Maryland in the upset.

AY: Terps have beaten every other mediocre team on their schedule. Why stop now? UMD wins 20-17

GF: Michigan wins, Maryland covers

MNW: I refuse to think this is a real football occurrence. /flips coin Terps, 17-14.

JC: I'm going to go with the Wolverines here. I think Maryland struggles on the road this weekend and despite being better than expected this year - oh and Michigan being somewhat terrible at times - the Wolverines get some Big House magic and eke out a win. Michigan wins 21-20

Mj: Michigan wins, Maryland covers.


Oh sorry, picks

Maryland wins

Babaoreally: Maryland to win

GF3: Maryland takes it to Michgan, 22-18. Eeeesh.

DJ Carver might be back later with some hot, fresh standings for you. Leave your picks in the comments!