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Rutgers - Michigan State: From The Stands

Photos of the Rutgers/MSU game

There was a tremendous upset in this game, but it had nothing to do with the football being played. Somehow, the Michigan weather held firm at 40 degrees, gray sky, and no precipitation the entire game. That was amazing, especially knowing Michigan weather.

The rest of the story is rather simple. Rutgers played hard, but nothing they tried on offense worked. MSU did what they wanted pretty much the whole game. The MSU Student Section was 1/2 full at the start of the game...that's what Thanksgiving and bad weather will do.

On a side note, we all loved the Rutgers jersey / helmet combo. The red really looked sharp. So they've got that going...Oh and Tony Lippett on Senior Day was a thing to behold. Whatta guy, playing both ways and blanketing opposing receivers.