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THE BATTLE FOR DELAWARE: The Big Ten's New Trophy on the Block

Don't call it a rivalry. It's a TRIVALRY.

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We asked, you answered and the Big Ten has another rivalry game. Nay, friends, it's so much more. The Big Ten has it's first trivalry game!

We are proud to announce THE BATTLE FOR DELAWARE, a three-way rivalry trophy between the esteemed institutions of Rutgers, Maryland and Penn State.

By the slimmest of slim margins (32% to 30%), the citizens of the Democratic Republic Off Tackle elected to award the winner of the three-way Eastern Megalopolis series the largest trophy in all of college football, The State of Delaware!

That's right, whoever exits the PSU-MD-RU rivalry with the best record retains ownership of our fine nation's first state, and all the rights, privileges, and Joe Biden smiles thereto.

As this article will serve as our Trophy Game Charter, let's review the details of the Series:

The Participants

  • The Scarlet Knights of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • The University of Maryland Terrapins
  • Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions

The Rules of Engagement

Inspired by The Commander-in-Chief's Trophy between Army, Navy and Air Force, the team with the best record in common games will take home the coveted trophy state.

In the event of a three-way tie, a formal debate between representative Big Ten bloggers from the three competing teams will be administered by the Off Tackle Empire Editor in Chief (or a designated proxy). Because a 3-way Q&A cage match is how we settle things 'round these parts.

At Stake

The victor of the series gains control of The State of Delaware, with the option to incorporate the state into their own. While this will drop us down to 49 United States, we're working closely with The Office of The President and the National Guard to make sure that the potentially annual coup is a bloodless one. Plus, we hear Puerto Rico really wants to get its state on.

Additionally, the winning team is awarded the services of Joe Biden, who will come to your campus and smile, a lot. Word is he's also a pretty good O-Line coach (lookin' at you, TTFP).

This weekend, Rutgers and Maryland meet in the season finale, with pride, bragging rights, and most importantly, the first ever BATTLE FOR THE DELAWARE trophy on the line. Rutgers, having lost to PSU, brings an 0-1 record to the series. Maryland, having turtle walked all over Happy Valley, brings a 1-0  record to the championship game.

If Maryland emerges victorious, they win outright by virtue of wins over both Rutgers and Penn State, and can pick up the deed to Delaware on the way home from the game. If Rutgers wins, well...get ready for bedlam, people.