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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 14

As we stir from our Turkey-induced meat lag, let's go round the world with the OTE Editorial Staff!

Welcome to the final week of the regular season, friends! It's been a wild, rollercoaster ride of a year, but the B1G has a fantastic weekend of football ahead, with some exciting championship, bowl and playoff action on the horizon.

So, OTE Staffers, where ye be this weekend and what shall ye be drinking?

Aaron Yorke: I'll be at my friend's engagement party in Atlantic City, which means I'll probably be on the road during LASERZ and The Axe. I'm going to have to sneak away to watch the Iron Bowl or something because no B1G night games makes me sad. Maybe Auburn will win and screw everything up for the SEC West. Maybe I'll convince my girlfriend to drive so I can drink Yuengling and shout "Punt, Bama, punt" all night long.

Green Akers: Aaron. Come now. What is that, the British spelling? It's pronounced LAZERZ. PEW PEW PEW

But anyway. I'll be in Lansing for the holiday, coming to grips with the end of the regular season with my feet up on my sister's coffee table for as much football as I can get before she kicks me out. It hasn't been the dream season last year was, but getting to 10 wins before bowl season is still a nice accomplishment and I'll do my best to enjoy the last B1G game with Drummond, Langford, Lippett and company as we defend the LAZERZ from the @vile cultists@ of Greater Paternoville or whatever their town is called. Drink TBD, probably going to rummage at Oade's for something I haven't tried before.

DJ Carver: College Park, probably some combo of bourbon first and beer after, TBD. Watching Maryland secure Delaware and all of its Dogfish for the year while we take Rutgers down to end with 8 wins on the season, surprising everyone in the B1G not from Maryland.

Ray Ransom: The boys are coming out to Motown from the City to watch the game vs. the turtles. As per DJ, there are some high stakes in this one. Bragging rights, the State of Delaware, but most importantly, sweet revenge on behalf of our beloved Offensive Coordinator, Ralph "The Fridge" Friedgen. Unceremoniously dumped by the Maryland Terrajerks after winning ACC coach of the year, The Fridge famously burned his Maryland diploma, just like he's going to burn the Twerps defense this weekend. Our palettes, like the offense, are out for blood, so we'll be enjoying a few rounds of Bloody Maries - extra spicy for extra revenge - in honor of Ralph's impending vengeance.

Jesse Collins: On Friday, I have family things going on, so I'll be eating more turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie, etc., and pretending I don't feel like I am going to explode like that guy in Monty Python. I will catch the Nebraska-Iowa game on TV early and try not to throw things through the TV when Nebraska decides to fumble the ball through the endzone on multiple occasions.

Saturday? No plans yet. It's early still and that means lots of opportunities to go find things to do.

C.E. Bell: I'll be in Grand Rapids, enjoying Thanksgiving turkey (and perhaps some deer hunting in the mornings) with the inlaws. As for Saturday, I'm thinking about heading down to Kalamazoo to watch Illinois-Northwestern with one of my best friends (who will be there visiting HIS in-laws), if we can find a bar that won't mind showing it instead of THE GAME (or, more likely, watching at his in-laws house). As for drinking, Thanksgiving always means a lot of wine (pinot noirs/grenachas for reds, but also a lot of sparkling wines since they are the all-purpose food pairing wine, and thus go with everything you serve on Thanksgiving)....but Saturday will probably be Michigan beers (thinking about Perrin, which is seriously phenomenal....they make a grapefruit IPA that sound weird, but is really delicious) and bourbon (likely Buffalo Trace because it's an excellent value bourbon, but we could get fancy with some Makers 46).

Mike Jones: Bourbon is for suckers. Busch Light is where it's at. I'll be in Iowa City watching the "Heroes Game" between a Nebraska team who couldn't care less about being there (they don't care about anything, apparently) and an Iowa team that made me drink for 12 hours one time. That one time was last weekend. Damn you, Iowa. Just do your jobs and get Bo Pelini fired.

GoForThreeBack in Nashville for the ritual Giving of Thanks. I'll be on my couch, nervously watching Ohio State try to kill me once again against TTUN. I found my bottle of Bruchladdich "The Rocks" unpeated Islay scotch. I'm probably going to need it. Michigan is the textbook wounded animal. Their season is shit, they need to win to get to a bowl, and Brady Hoke is coaching what could be his last FBS football game ever. Who's going to fist**** the Buckeye offense this week? Will Jalin Marshall fumble twice? Maybe Zeke Elliott can add to his total. Or perhaps Barrett can loft another arm punt so misguided that Boddy-Calhoun will catch it in Madison. It's hard to say with this many playmakers. DRIIIIIIINK. Anyhow, I still look forward to this game. Remember, Michigan having more wins in this series is like Studebaker having sold more cars than Tesla.

Candystripes for Breakfast: During the Battle for the Old Oaken Bucket, I shall be in an Olive Garden in Carmel, IN having lunch with relatives, so hopefully they'll have the game on a TV. With luck, I'll be home in time to chat about the late games on OTE, and celebrate the end of another IU football season (celebrating because it's over, regardless of how it ends).

MNWildcat: I will be back in Evanston, riding the Metra down to Ryan Field to watch HAT. On the way down, to set the stage to keep me focused (and drunk) on my target, I'll enjoy a Mad HATter as the train whizzes through northern Illinois. Wanting, of course, to taper off a bit before tailgate time, I'll have a Magic HAT #9 or two as the train arrives at Central St.

Now, as you can see from my attached picture (h/t to NUMBALUMS Facebook page which I can't link to because phone), I will NOT be drinking Coors Light this weekend. I mean, I usually drink Hamm's, so no problem, but it's the principle. I will see Coors Light flow into the streets and down the gutters of Chicago before I will drink the official beer of Illinois football.

Editor's Note: That's some find themed drinking, son. Fine work indeed.

Brian Gillis: I'll be in Michigan this weekend, enjoying all the snow and beautiful weather that Grand Rapids has to offer. I'll be making my way to Ann Arbor for a day, but the only football I'll be watching will be from the couch.

GoAUpher: I'll be back in KY on my couch. My parents are in town to celebrate our first Turkey Day as Cincy area residents, and of course this is the year the Gophers could win the Big Ten West on the road in Wisconsin. /sigh

Not sure what beer I'll be drinking, but I'm guessing some of it will be Rhinegeist Dad, a Christmas ale from a local Cincy brewery that I've been enjoying. We're doing dinner Saturday night after the game at a steakhouse we love, so my goal is to be celebrating a trip to Indy with a strip or filet, some awesome red wine, and Macallan 18 year.

So that's where we be and what we be drinking! Drop us a line in the comments and let us know where you'll be, what you'll be drinking, and if you have a killer Bloody Mary recipe (bonus points for extra revenge).