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Picks or GTFO, Week 13

A little late...but mock some of us for Nebraska-Iowa!

Goodbye, Sweet Tim.
Goodbye, Sweet Tim.
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

We already picked Iowa-Nebraska, but my brilliant self went out with the gal for Black Friday shopping and didn't post this. Sorry. Make fun of us for getting one right/wrong, and give us your picks for the rest!

Nebraska at Iowa (PICK PICK PICK PICK PICK) || 11/28, 11am CST, ABC

Straight-Up/Against the Spread: Iowa, 4-2

Aaron Yorke: Nebraska got blown out by Wisconsin, but Iowa got blown out by Minnesota. I guess Iowa because Kinnick. Iowa wins 24-23

Andrew Kraszewski: At this point I'm just going off of what I've seen most recently. Iowa played the class of the division tough; Nebraska lost a heartbreaker on the heels of a dismemberment. Give me the Hawks at home.

Graham Filler: Iowa wins

Jesse Collins: Iowa wins after Nebraska blows an early double digit lead by forgetting that games are 4 quarters, not 1.5.

GoForThree: The battle of the coach who might be fired and the one who seemingly never can be. The Hawkeyes looked good last week. They'll stink this week. Nebraska by a field goal or less.

MNWildcat: I wanna be contrarian. Plus, I still believe PeLLLLini will get his loss elsewhere. Nebraska, 27-24.

Illinois at Northwestern (-8) || 11am, HAT HAT HAT HAT HAT ESPNU

SU: NU, 4-2 || ATS: Tie, 3-3

AY: I stood by Northwestern when everyone though they would disappoint against Purdue. Illinois beating my Lions does not impress me. NU wins 27-14

AK: Illinois for the Beckman-saving bowl (aren't you pumped, Illini fans?!). Let's not forget NW just lost their 5th year senior QB, probably for good. Even if Siemian wasn't exactly killing it this season, sliding a backup in at this point can't augur well for an already-inconsistent-at-best passing attack. Illinois has improved enough up front that I don't think Justin Jackson can singlehandedly beat them, but this should be close.

GF: Northwestern wins, covers

JC: Northwestern wins but Illinois covers as the game is decided on a late Beckman mistake. Not sure on what that mistake is, but I'm hoping it's a sideline interference that takes the go-ahead TD off the board.

GF3: Illinois inexplicably wins. Beckman survives because...injuries/reasons/Tarpwestern.

MNW: Goodbye, Tim. Normally, I try to moderate myself in my picks [certainly not my language]. But get fucked, Tim Beckman. Get fucked, Illinois. It's HAT time. Purple Kitties, 33-10.

Purdue at Indiana (-2.5) || 11am, BTN seriously people have to watch this but not NU-Illinois

SU: Indiana, 3-1 || ATS: IU, 3-1

AY: The Hoosiers have shown some spunk lately. Plus, Tevin Coleman will not be stopped. IU wins 31-20

AK: And now I'll disregard recent trends and stick with my preseason prediction, despite Purdue's reversal of momentum the last few weeks. Coleman once again goes for 200 in a loss.

GF: Indiana wins, covers


GF3: [DNP...seriously. Two weeks in a row, GF3. "Writer."]

MNW: Tevin Coleman runs. / Purdue is not very good. / Bucket stays at home. Hoosiers, 27-24.

Michigan at #6 Ohio State (-21) || 11am, ABC

SU: OSU, 6-0 || ATS: Michigan, 4-2

AY: Michigan keeps it close because it's THE GAME. But also because they have a good defense and Ohio State doesn't. OSU wins 24-17

AK: There's a big talent and performance differential, but that's a big spread for this game. No, I'm not going to capitalize it. You are not better or more important than anyone else, either of you. Give this game an interesting name and I'll call it that. But I digest. I'll take Michigan to cover, OSU to win.

GF: OSU wins, UM covers

JC: Ohio State wins, covers, and gives Hoke his walking papers on the way out.

GF3: Buckeyes their damndest to kill me. Michigan's offense looks its best in months. Ohio State is flat. Buckeyes win laaaaate but don't come close to covering.

MNW: Goodbye, Brady. We hardly...well, yeah, we knew ye. I look forward to you resurrecting a program at some PAC12 school. Say...Wazzu? Buckeyes, 41-10.

#10 Michigan State (-13) at Penn State || 2:30pm, ABC/ESPN2

SU: MSU, 6-0 || ATS: MSU, 4-2

AY: The real galaxy class defense says that Penn State only loses this one by a touchdown or so. MSU wins 20-10

AK: It might take MSU some time to find traction against PSU's defense, but PSU's offense isn't going to get anything going at any point. Tough line to call in Happy Valley, though, so I'll take PSU to cover, MSU to win.

GF: MSU wins, covers

JC: MSU wins, covers, and takes the Land Grant home with lasers coming from everywhere. I imagine this being like a horrible anime movie.

GF3: Six wins is enough, Nits. MSU covers.

MNW: /shrugemoji MSU, 27-10.

#18 Minnesota at #14 Wisconsin (-14) || 2:30pm, BTN oh sure but people around the world have to watch MSU/PSU

SU: Wisconsin, 5-1 || ATS: Minnesota, 5-1

AY: Melvin Gordon gets all the attention, but Wisconsin has a really good defense as well, and that should prove the difference against the somewhat one-dimensional Gophers. 14 points is too much, though. UW wins 28-20

AK: Much as I want Kill's crew to win, MGIII and Camp Randall are a bit much. Still, that line's too much for the team that almost beat OSU. Bucky wins, Goldy covers.

GF: Wisconsin wins, Minnesota covers

JC: Minnesota wins in the upset of the weekend. Gophers take home #AllTheTrophies this year, win the Quadrangle going away, and Minny fans become insufferable - not unlike Sparty fans last year. We remind them they lost to Illinois.

GF3: Hats off to thee, Jerry Kill. It's been a great season, but it ends here. Wisconsin wins, covers, thanks to a banged up Cobb.

MNW: I see this game going one of three ways: (1) Cobb plays, Minnesota runs a lot and keeps it close, requiring Leidner to make the passes to beat Wisconsin. (2) Cobb doesn't play, Kirkwood fills in as admirably as possible, Leidner needs to make the passes to beat Wisconsin. (3) Cobb doesn't play, Kirkwood looks bad, and it's on #allthejetsweeps to keep the Gophers in it, unless Leidner can throw. Are we seeing a theme here? So it's either (a) count on Leidner, or (b) count on MGIII. I'll take the devil I know L Badgers, 27-17.

Rutgers at Maryland (-8) || 2:30pm, ESPNU yaaaaaawn

SU: Maryland, 6-0 || ATS: Maryland, 6-0

AY: I guess no one likes the Terps, because this spread seems awfully low. UMD wins 30-10

AK: The Terps finish a decent debut season by sweeping the Eastern Bloc Trophy; PSU fans continue to pretend they don't care. I'll take Murrland to cover.

GF: Maryland wins, covers

JC: Maryland wins and covers because sure, why not.

GF3: Four more quarters, Rutgers, and then you can rest and pretend you enjoyed this. Maryland covers.

MNW: How are we deciding who gets Delaware in the event of a tie? Oh well, don't matter. All 25K at Byrd Stadium are thrilled. Terps, 24-14.

DJ Carver will be in with standings. Or not. I don't really know. Happy Friday!