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Quick thoughts on Bo Pelini's firing

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

1. Bo Pelini is a good coach.

I understand the idea that perhaps he isn't a great coach, but before we get too deep into the minutiae of talking about wins, losses, context, and what not, let us at least give him the courtesy of appreciating his abilities as the HC of Nebraska. He owns the 23rd best winning percentage among coaches who are active, won the much discussed 9 games per season since taking over, and has gotten Nebraska four division crowns - three of which resulted in a trip to the Conference Championship game. There is ample evidence that Bo was deserving of any praise we give him now and gave him then, and to ignore any of that would be pretty lame.

2. Bo Pelini is a good person.

Whether or not I can say he is a good person from a personal standpoint is sort of silly, but can we also at least agree that everything he did with Jack Hoffman, everything he did for Zack Darlington, not to mention his countless players that point out that he is kind, caring, and ultimately all about them. Bo Pelini may seem like a maniac on the sidelines at various points in a game, but he is not a bad person. In fact, he is a good person and should be praised for everything he did to make Nebraska look good. This is an oft overlooked point, and I would be sad if any fans focus on his outbursts more than his actions.

3. Bo Pelini may have hit his ceiling... at Nebraska

Bo Pelini's career as a head coach has only been at Nebraska. I know that sounds like a, "well duh," type of comment, but I truly believe that for Bo to reach the highest highs he can, he needs to get a fresh start with new perspectives. For all the good that Bo has done while coach at Nebraska, you can see that his record against teams with winning percentages, record against ranked opponents, record where his team wasn't favored, etc., were all pretty poor. That means he beats the teams he is supposed to and loses - or gets obliterated in (yes, /Wisconsin scores again) - the games he is supposed to lose. This is not an indictment on his overall ability to be coach so much as it is an indicator that perhaps it was time for both parties to move on.

4. Bo Pelini does himself no favors.

While being a no nonsense type character can win you over with players, you have to understand that your demeanor outwardly is under scrutiny as well. In being short with the press, making snide comments about what fans do and do not know about football, and even just the blowups on the sideline gave Bo a shorter leash. His demeanor has improved each year for the last few years, and so I cannot say that this is a direct link to his firing today, but let's all be honest. If Bo Pelini was a more likable character on TV, it would have been a lot harder to let him go. Loyalty to his players and coaches is one thing, but you need to make sure your boss and stakeholders like you to.

5. Nebraska is - in fact - still a destination job.

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Putting aside this notion that all expectations are held equal, Nebraska is a job that many coaches would want. I have no doubt that the coaching fraternity - that is, the guys who make a lot of money and do not need the Nebraska job - will come out against what happened, and we should hope they do. Nonetheless, Shawn Eichorst will give someone unlimited resources, a fleet of airplanes, and some of the finest facilities in America to play with. Nebraska finishing with 9 wins the past seven season is as much the direct result of Bo Pelini as it is with the institution itself. As many national pundits have said today, Nebraska made a commitment to winning this morning, and believe me, there are coaches who want to be a part of that.

6. Bo Pelini and Nebraska will be fine.

This weekend has been sort of a whirlwind and I don't have time to unpack everything in depth yet, but I will. In the meantime, just know that Nebraska and Bo Pelini will both be fine. Bo is a good coach, Nebraska is a good job, and sometimes it's just about breaking up to move forward. I wish nothing but good things for Bo, and I will always respect him for pulling Nebraska up from where they had been. I also will always root for the University first, and as many fans who have gone through coaching changes understand, no one man is above the school. I guess it will be an interesting next few weeks in Huskerland...