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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

Where will you be during the 2014 Pig Game? And what will you be drinking?

It's Friday again, so let's talk about places and drinks.

babaoreally: I will be in West Lafayette drinking that bottomless Coke Zero. Hopefully the Boilers can manage to not get blown out but the Badgers for the first time in what seems like ten years or so.

Ray Ransom: I'll be enjoying a bye week of no perennial powerhouse teams stomping on my beloved Scarlet Knights. Just as our QB needs a week to recover from his physical ailments, I think everyone in Rutgers Nation needs a week to recover from that stretch and gear up for an important run to the end of the season. On the drink list will likely be Yuengling from the tap at my buddy's place, as we'll most likely be enjoying a day-long playdate with both ladies out of town and 4 kids between 2 and 4 to manage. Wish us luck.

GoAUpher: Back to Minnesota to watch the Gophers reclaim Floyd. This Saturday is also our annual tailgate for The Daily Gopher, so I'll be hanging out with members of our community drinking a variety of brews from 612 Brewing in the Twin Cities, some bourbon, and some Grainbelt Nordeast (b/c it's not a tailgate in MN for me without Nordeast). Food will consist of grilled tubular meat products and (hopefully) the excellent homemade burgers that fellow TDG staff member gopherguy05 makes sometimes. Oh, and HATE. There will be HATE.

DJ Carver: Bye week. I'll be at a wedding Saturday night with an open bar, so the possibilities are endless. One thing is certain, and that is that copious amounts of alcohol will be consumed.

Andrew Kraszewski: I'll be in East Lansing, hopefully watching MSU dish out a second helping of sad pizza. The OTE meetup and several tailgates will be visited, good times will be had notwithstanding the unpleasant-looking forecast, should be a grand ole time.

MNWildcat: I'll be back home in Minnesota for the bye week.
... I've just received word the 'Cats play this weekend.
I will still be back in Minnesota, as my alma mater has returned to the Minnesota Prep Bowl for the first time in over a decade. Once I roll into town, I'll be on the couch at home, watching the Floyd game and then 'Cats-Michigan.
For drinking? It's Porterfest at Flat Earth Brewery this time of year! That means stopping by for one of their delicious infused porters. I so hope it's Grand Design, their s'mores porter.

Graham Filler:game of the millennium week month year

I'll be in East Lansing, celebrating a campaign win for my boss and tailgating in freezing temps. Bringing out the Carhart for this one. Will be sitting with the ol' boys under the South end zone scoreboard. Should be a good game, last time I saw this kind of home game excitement and importance was the Hail Mary Wisconsin game.

Jesse Collins: With BYE 2 on the horizon, I plan on chilling this weekend and not stressing about football too much. I will enjoy tuning into the MSU-OSU game, but don't really intend to get too invested one way or another. I will most likely be going to some form of sporting contest with UNO Soccer finishing up its home slate. Other than that, it's getting cold, so I assume lots of warm drinks will be had by all. I know, a pretty lame weekend for me.

Mike Jones: I'll be at home in Des Moines watching Iowa keep Floyd safe from the vile Gopher menace. The last time he was held hostage in Minneapolis, MarQueis Gray used to stand outside his case for hours and breathe heavily on the glass. Floyd told me this tale with horror in his eyes and requested that we never let him be taken by to the Land of Permafrost again. Iowa intends on keeping this promise. I'll probably be drinking Lagunitas or something equally tasty that is in no way as awful as Yuengling.

Candystripes for Breakfast:I'll be at home praying for the season to end sooner, while (in theory) watching IU attempt to generate offense. Copious amounts of caffeinated drinks will be consumed, because reasons. At least I have basketball to look forward to........wait. Damn.

/is it 2015 yet?
/can it be 2015 now please?

Brian Gillis: I'll be back in Southern California this weekend, Redondo Beach to be precise. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I'll be watching Michigan & Northwestern, but I'm looking forward to MSU/OSU, LSU/'Bama (wish they didn't kick off at the same time), ASU/ND and whatever game the Pac-12 throws my way at night. But of all the games this weekend, I think I'm most interested to see if, after a tough loss, Ole Miss can handle the Presbyterian Blue Hose.

GoForThree: I'll be drinking for freeeeee since my neighbor just got promoted to Major and is throwing the requisite bash at the golf course clubhouse. With any luck I can just black out until Sunday morning, since as an OTE writer "writer" I don't watch games anyway.

"Gimme six schlitzeses!"
"We don't have Schlitz."
"Whatever's free!"

Let us know your whereabouts and drinks in the comments, please. We like to keep track of people.