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Picks or GTFO: OTE Staff Call the Games, Week 11

Will Purdue Harbor happen?! ... Probs not.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State (-6.5) at Indiana || 11am CST, BTN

Straight-Up: Penn State, 7-1 || ATS: Penn State, 6-2

DJ Carver: Penn State wins, Indiana covers. Whatever the under is, take it.

Andrew Kraszewski: When PSU has the ball, it's easily resisted force vs rather movable object; when IU has the ball, it's easily resisted force versus pretty darn stubborn object. This one's probably going to be hideous to watch. PSU to win and cover.

Graham Filler: PSU wins, covers

Jesse Collins: Penn State wins and covers. Let's say 31-12.

Mike Jones: I'm not sure Indiana wins another game the rest of the year. Penn State wins and covers.

GoFor3: One team has a middling, one-dimensional offense. The other does, too. PSU wins, covers.

Aaron Yorke: The Lions have been hard to watch lately, but they should be able to contain Tevin Coleman. PSU wins 17-6

MNWildcat: Tevin Coleman. Tevin Coleman. In conclusion, Tevin Coleman. STUPID PICK OF THE DAY: Indiana, 24-21.

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota || 11am, ESPN2

SU: Iowa, 7-1 || ATS: Iowa, 7-1

DJ: Iowa wins and covers. [WARNING: REDUCTIVE EAST COAST LOGIC] Floyd being a pig just screams that Iowa should own it.

AK: I'm still holding out hope that Iowa will prove me right about them over an extended period. Floyd will be successfully defended from the vile Gopher menace. Iowa covers.

GF: Iowa wins, covers

JC: Iowa wins and covers. 27-21

MJ: I don't know what it is but I honestly feel like Kirk Ferentz has Jerry Kill figured out sort of like he had JoePa figured out. Also it seems like all Iowa v. Minnesota has been like lately is Minnesota close wins or Iowa blowouts. I like Iowa to show up again like they did last week. Iowa by 10.

GF3: Go Gophers. Iowa wins, covers. Probably by a TD.

AY: Goldy's last chance for a win this season? I see it as a coin flip game. Minnesota gets the pig. Gophers win 20-17

MNW: #freefloyd #whohatesIowa I have my sympathies, you guys. I hate when that pig is in exile, and let's be honest: It's nice for citizens of Minnesota to have a reason to visit the U of M booth at the State Fair--will the Pig join the Jug? No. #TheGophering has begun. Long live the Gophering. Iowa, 27-20.

Wisconsin (-17) at Purdue || 11am, ESPNU

SU: Wisconsin, 8-0 || ATS: Wisconsin, 7-1

DJ: Wisconsin wins and covers. Purdue and run defense don't go together.

AK: It'll be a true sign of Purdue's progress when a team like Wisconsin can no longer run them down like a varmint on the freeway. I don't expect to see that this week. Wisco covers.

GF: Wisconsin wins, covers

JC: Wisconsin wins and covers 42-14

MJ: Purdue is clearly a better team than they were to start the season but I think Wisconsin's ground game wears them out. I mean, we sure as shit know Wisconsin's passing game isn't going to wear anyone down. Wisconsin to cover.

GF3: Wiscy's defense will smother Purdue like Waffle House hash browns. [ed. note: cue collective "mmmmmmm."] Wiscy wins, covers.

AY: Boilers have been too competitive this season to be spotted double-digit points at home. Wisconsin wins 30-20.

MNW: I so want Purdue Harbor. But it seems like Wisconsin's offense has it figured out. Badgers, 34-10.

Michigan (-1.5) at Northwestern || 2:30pm, ESPN2 oh god why

SU: Michigan, 7-1 || ATS: Michigan, 7-1

DJ: Michigan wins and covers. They look rejuvenated now that Hoke knows his days are numbered.

AK: And here's my patented Dumb Pick of the Week. Nothing about Northwestern's season suggests they'll move the ball on a halfway decent defense, and Michigan's normal road woes shouldn't be in play in front of the dozens of Northwestern fans at Ryan Field. But Devin Gardner is still a dice roll, with possible outcomes being "serviceable," "not terrible," "bad," "really bad," "LOL he actually threw that," and "yakety sax." Gimme the 'Cats for the upset.

GF: Michigan wins, covers

JC: Michigan wins and covers 27-10

MJ: It will be close either way. I'll just go with Michigan by 3.

GF3: I'm telling you, Dave Brandon was the problem. Keep Hoke around. PLEASE. Weasels win, cover.

AY: Yuck. Michigan has been the better team lately, and this game was fun last year! Michigan wins 16-13

MNW: Fun?! No. That game was not fun. And the line was moving. No, I'm not over it. Whatever. I'll be watching this one from afar, which means the 'Cats will probably look halfway competent. Still not goin' bowling this year. Michigan, 24-7. BONUS PICK: Simley 34, Sartell-St. Stephen 27. GO SIMLEY.

Ohio State at Michigan State (-3.5) || 7pm, ABC

SU: Michigan State, 5-3 || ATS: Michigan State, 5-3

DJ: Michigan State. Not only is the east on the line, but so are MSU's playoff hopes. They come out ready to show the nation they should be in the top 4.

AK: I wish I understood why everyone's on the MSU train for this game; I'll assume because OSU hasn't beaten anyone decent? Ionno. It's a weird feeling but I like it and I'm on-record predicting a 38-34 Spartan win so I'll stick with that, which means MSU covers.

GF: MSU wins, covers

JC: Ohio State wins 42-38

MJ: Wanking motion. Michigan State by a TD.

GF3: Can't believe I ever looked forward to this game. MSU wins, covers big. Wanking motion seconded.

AY: I kind of want to take the upset here. Why not? Stinks for the B1G, though. OSU wins 27-24

MNW: I do too, Aaron. So I'll do it. Both teams wind up outside the Top 10 at the end of the week. OSU, 31-27.

There the picks are--leave yours in the comments! And be sure to mock me for my Indiana pick. DJ Carver may be back later to edit the overall pick standings in here.