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Week 11 Open Thread

More marquee games in the 8pm slot!

Matthew Holst

Good morning all!  We have the eastern division championship game this week with OSU-MSU, and gameday has decided to make the trip out.  Let's hope they can talk a little more about the B1G than they did last week, where they spent double the time on the SEC more than anyone else.  We have more trophy games this week too as Iowa travels to Minnesota to battle it out for the Floyd Trophy, which is apparently a pig.  How fitting Iowa.

Here is the slate for the week:

Penn State at Indiana (+6.5) || 12:00pm EST || BTN

Does Indiana repeat last year? I don't think so, at least not with Sudfield out.  I don't have the under posted, but take it.  This game could be a very ugly offensive showing.

Iowa at Minnesota (+1.5) || 12:00pm EST || ESPN2

Iowa travels to Minnesota to battle it out for Floyd.  Being new here, apparently Floyd is a pig.  This is very fitting, so I'm just going with this is Iowa's to lose.  Vegas seems to agree.

Wisconsin at Purdue (+17) || 12:00pm EST || ESPNU

Does Wisconsin keep up the offensive barrage?  It would seem so as Purdue and rush defense don't go well together.  This one could be ugly.

Michigan at Northwestern (+1.5) || 3:30pm EST || ESPN2

Does Michigan come out as energized and engaged as they were last week?  We'll find out here.  Northwestern is a very polarizing team this year, and I really don't know what to expect in this game.

Ohio State at Michigan State (-3.5) || 8:00pm EST || ABC

In the game that will, barring a big upset by Maryland next week, decide the eastern division we see OSU traveling to MSU.  Is more sad pizza being served? Vegas is essentially calling a push since they give the home team 3 points in the spread, so this should be a good one.  A win for MSU will give them some much added steam for the College Playoff rankings, while a loss will all but seal their fate as an outsider looking in.

There we go!  Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, and Nebraska get a bye this week.  The rules are the same as always: no illegal streams, keep it civil, no porn, etc.  A new thread will go up specifically for tonights game, as that might need two for itself depending on how it goes.